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  1. Version 4.2

    It's not as major as the 4.0 framework. Dive in, or wait, up to you.
  2. Version 4.2

    (...or you'll be waiting forever.)
  3. That's a code block.
  4. How to tell when you've rated a topic etc.

    I know that's why I said it's nice to see it.
  5. Branding

    Oops in the Download area those names were for 3.4.9 and they changed to v4 names now, except IP.Calendar. But in Active Applications they are still old names for me except apps I do not own. Maybe because I renewed them before you changed the names. No biggie.
  6. Branding

    My products have the old names too. Client Area: Purchases >> License >> Manage Your Community Applications Active Applications (List of old names here) Also old names in: Download IPS Community Suite (Download list of old names)
  7. Happy to see this in 4.1.12 for forums, thanks IPS! Any way we can get them in mobile search like full site too?
  8. How to tell when you've rated a topic etc.

    Nice to see this in 4.1.12 as well as the half stars.
  9. Why is "Apply Changes" only in the Content Types menu. I'm having to click outside the menu every other selection and I thought this was supposed to solve this. Is it an oversight it is missing from the other choices? I also had this bug logged on the menu closure issues.
  10. New in 4.1.12: Post preview

    Very nice! Are you going to install in on IPS?
  11. Is there a version # planned for first unread the new way? And I'm hoping "true user preference" still means admins can set the default state, as I would want it on, thanks for any updates if possible.
  12. Can the "Connect" feature sync ban filters so we can globally keep those members out? (By name, IP, email.) All changes would be synced; addition and removal. Could be an option. If I start a new site I would like the same ban filters applied from the start. Important when sites are related/sister sites. Thanks
  13. This can't be right

    Oops was looking at columns and "All Time". Okay I see "Top Submitters" at the top. Yes it should say "Top Rated". Submitters is a given and lengthy imo but either work.
  14. This can't be right

    Same. Honestly all it needs to say is "Rated" short and sweet.