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  1. Reply to email

    More welcome would be reply to private message directly from email client. Anyone seen such addon? Is invision planning include this feature which already work on many online services? thx
  2. The problem is that this system don't promote development of other apps as ex ip.gallery. At last system I was renewing additional apps where there was any significant updates that makes them better. IP.Board is for me the only part of the suite that is supported and changes are really good but ex. ip.blog is virtually not changing over time (nothing important) and ip.gallery is changing to even worst that previous versions - and ip.staff seems not listening customers complaints about that (ex cattegories issue and others). But now I will have to buy all apps even if there are not really good or important changes there - i can opt for not buy them, but ex. after 5months I will have to pay the same amount as now and have acces to it for only 1 month - PERFECT. What I understood is in future I can not even use new version of IP.Board with not much older version of ip.gallery even if changes in gallery are so tiny that it wont cause compability issues. Grate idea to rip off customers from their money for something that they wouldn't normally buy. By the way Invision deactivate my suite and they trying to say that I did it by mistake. Waiting for single answer to a ticket takes so long that I've started to worry that their error would be solved before my suite really expire. :) If you want to get more money just raise the price! not complicate system - making people think that the renewal (reactivation) price is for 6months - which is true only in one day out of 180.
  3. Topic Template System

    Upgrade of Topic Template System. When using placeholder as template position html is showed as regular text destroying template view. When putting template at first post it looks OK.
  4. Topic Template System

    AFTER UPGRADE MY TOPIC TEMPLATE VIEWS ARE BROKEN ! I'm using paceholder and whole template is now displayed as html text (althought when editing it, it look OK in editor). Please help ASAP
  5. [HSC] Table BBCode

    Yes, that is the seconds table problem.
  6. [HSC] Table BBCode

    This is caused by strange parsing of line breakes in new version. Try to put this table: without line breakes after each cell in row: [table][tr][th]A1[/th][th]A2[/th][th]A3[/th][th]A4[/th][th]A5[/th][th]A6[/th][th]A7[/th][th]A8[/th][th]A9[/th][th]A10[/th][th]A11[/th][/tr][tr][td]b1[/td][td]b2[/td][td]b3[/td][td]b4[/td][td]b5[/td][td]b6[/td][td]b7[/td][td]b8[/td][td]b9[/td][td]b10[/td][td]b11[/td][/tr][/table] with line breakes [table] [tr][th]A1[/th] [th]A2[/th] [th]A3[/th] [th]A4[/th] [th]A5[/th] [th]A6[/th] [th]A7[/th] [th]A8[/th] [th]A9[/th] [th]A10[/th] [th]A11[/th][/tr] [tr][td]b1[/td] [td]b2[/td] [td]b3[/td] [td]b4[/td] [td]b5[/td] [td]b6[/td] [td]b7[/td] [td]b8[/td] [td]b9[/td] [td]b10[/td] [td]b11[/td][/tr][/table]
  7. [HSC] Table BBCode

    Previously created tables seems to have lot of line breakes before them (as many as rows in te table itself). New tables are OK.
  8. Contact Form

    Cannot upgrade - CP doesnt show version number v.(or upgrade button) and form saing 2.1.0 although files uploaded are from 2.1.1
  9. [HSC] Table BBCode

    Thank you soo much.
  10. [HSC] Table BBCode

    Can anyone apply those changes and upgrade new file here, possibly author, please. Or if someone did it already please P.M. me.
  11. (M34) Random Logos

    This mod would be usefull even more if it allows to set period of time to show one logo. something like google logo changes on some days.
  12. Contact Form

    At the message on forum I'm actually getting this text: Without content of message. How to fix it?
  13. Topic Template System

    Please make clearer when it will be fixed.
  14. Topic Template System

    So I don't if or not this was fixed? Please do something because users are angry at me that they lost their data inserted into template - they will stop use it soon - and if they stop use it - I will lost my money spent on this mod.
  15. Topic Template System

    Still have a problem - topics where template fields are in posts as a text instead of at placeholder. Not all topics but some of them - and still don't know what happened.