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  1. Post a link to your site so we can all see it!

  2. Hello there! Just a suggestion, but I think it's a good one: replace all 'private' properties and methods with 'protected' As I just started to hack the IPBcode, trying to add new features, I already ran into a dead end because of the 'private' modifier. Generally, protected is much better choice when you have a possibility of someone else writing some addon or mod. It's also much better for writing test cases since it is difficult to write a test for the private methods.
  3. I just noticed that if you already logged in and then navigate to the login page http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login You basically have the option to login again? I think there should be a message saying that you already logged in instead of the normal login form. What do you think?
  4. Switching from MyISAM to MyISAM

    While you may improve the locking issue by switching to InnoDB, I can almost guarantee that you will have new problems with InnoDB than may be more of a pain than what you having now. Locking issue can be solved by optimizing the mysql, like tuning the my.cnf file, moving the database data filed to a separate disk or even to a separate server, and of cause use cache storage like memcache to minimize the use of database selects.
  5. IP.Nexus Dev Update: Extensibility

    Looks interesting.
  6. Is there a shopping cart mod?

    I hope there is one because I would hate to go with Drupal instead of IPB just because Drupal has ubercart. I really need an integrated shopping cart so I can have allj-in-one portal with blog, forum and selling products online. Is anyone working on shopping cart?
  7. Beta Releases Coming Soon

    Very good news
  8. DMOZ listing

    I used to be an editor in one of DMOZ category. It's not really hard to get listed, it depends solely on the editor of the category. Editor looks at your site and decided if it's worthy of being listed. Editors are usually busy people and don't check new submissions every day, not even every week But if editor does not think your site has any valuable original content, like if it is some type of links directory or full of affiliate links or even it it has too many banner ads, editor may just reject your submission, it will be deleted and you will never know that it was declined and keep waiting and waiting..... Generally, and editor is not supposed to reject your site just because he does not like it, there are some basic guidelines and editors themselves get reviewed by super-editors that have been with DMOZ for years.
  9. I just noticed that all pages are served with latin-1 encoding. Do you have any plans to use utf-8 as default charset and store all messages in database as utf-8? A forum can't really be truly multilingual if it uses ISO-8859-1 as default charset, you know.
  10. Nice, I even noticed a cool feature: When visiting a thread as a non-logged in guest, I saw only the fist post and then a message telling me I need to login to see replies. I have not seen this on any other forums, is this a standard feature or a hack? It's pretty cool way to generate more signups.
  11. I don't really like the feature to add score to individual post. I mean, it's fine, but not very useful. A much more useful feature would be to rate a post up or down. Then such feature can be used for setting up a very common "Thumbs up/Thumbs down" pattern but can also be used to setup the "Was this answer helpful: Yes/NO" pattern. The admin will just have to configure the text of buttons to either use thumbs up/down or to use text "Yes/No" The total number of up and down votes can also be shown next to the options. An extra check has to be added to make sure user can only vote once. Do you think something like this will be added in the near future?
  12. An admin's guide to skinning IPB

    Thanks, this is a great guide, another strong selling point for the IPBoard! I have never used IPBoard (not yet), but looking at this guide it looks like it is very easy to style the look of the forum.
  13. I want to see some active forums that are powered by the latest version of IPB. Do you maintain a list like this? I would like to see some stand-alone forums and also some forums with blog module. Thanks
  14. Can I use real sql query?

    No, I am not converting. I used VB many years ago, right now I was considering to buy VB, but then found this site and it looks much more attractive to me. To me the good php OO coding style is the most important. I personally use exclusively PDO for my php/mysql projects and always write my own queries. I don't think it's sloppy at all, the queries have to reside somewhere after all. Abstraction layer sometimes serves no purpose but always adds extra function calls. As far as escaping data and such, the best practice is to use prepared statements always, PDO is perfect for that. I think this project should really switch to PDO, it already uses SPL, which is somewhat cutting-edge php, so going with PDO will make it more secure, more standard, you will have less of the proprietary-style coding.