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  1. Sign in through Google

    Ah ha! Set to automatic and that's done it, thank you.
  2. Sign in through Google

    Hi Marcher, Thanks for your reply, I can't see any setting relating to this under the Log In Authentication Manager. Can you tell me where to set this? Many thanks!
  3. Sign in through Google

    Hi Marcher, I am still having an issue where the Gmail user gets redirected to Google to verify everytime, rather than just once. I have installed the latest version of Sign in with Google fresh on my board which is also up to date, 3.3.4. I'm not sure if Google have changed something with OAuth 2.0.
  4. May have been mentioned elsewhere, but this would be a great tool for many communities especially for educational institutions like ours that need to upload new students each year. My current work-around solution is to use CBJuice by Community Builder (that uploads CSVs) into a fresh Joomla install and then convert members into Invision. I am curious if anyone else is doing something similar?
  5. The new IPS 3.2 Community forums are a little bit sexy...

  6. Facebook integration would be phenomenal, save pestering users twice. If they're separate then Facebook will have to remain the default (just because everyone uses it, and for sigh-on) shame they couldn't make it look nice. I'm sure it's horribly tricky too!