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  1. DB Customization Manager

    Hi Michael, I would like to ask you as your experience is huge to tell me a few things about this app. I want to delete a few members from AdmiCP, and i am afraid of that because i heard that doing this, i will have security issues on db, and anyone with knowlege can hack my db. If i delete these members and after that i run your application, will it fix these security issues from database completely? Thank you for your time!
  2. I have uninstalled the app - downloaded again - reinstalled. On reply everything is good.. but in quick reply still the same issue.
  3. I did as you said twice without any good result... Also i checked on languages and i saw that the language bits are present.. any other idea?
  4. When i reply to a topic with less words than the limit i get on a pop up window the following message: An error occured: nenadice_not_enough_chars It doesn't show the language bit
  5. (DP34) iHost

    Nice App but when i try to upload any image i get the message... [#IHOST_P007] Can't move file. Any ideas?
  6. Topic Template System

    I guess this doesn't work with previous versions before 3.1.3 :(
  7. Recently i made an upgrade at my ipboard foroum to 3.1.4. I have also updated [EN30]-Ajax-Thanks-v102 to [EN30]_Ajax_Thanks_v1.0.3 and (T31) Hide Content 2.0.0 to (T31) Hide Content 2.1.0. My problem is that when i press the thanks button it counts the thanks but i don't get the hidden content unless i refresh the page. I made all file edits but there is a diference on the integrate edit. Hide Content Integration admin/sources/classes/bbcode/custom/tbHideContent.php Find: $existing[ $this->topic['tid'] ] = ( intval($hideCheck['found']) > 0 ) ? true : false; On my file i see this diference $existing[ $this->topic['tid'] ] = ( intval($hideCheck['pid']) > 0 ) ? true : false; How can i make it work as before showing the hidden content without refreshing the page? Any help is apreciated...
  8. Bottom Bar 1.0.1

    it looks great! Great work! But i have one question about modification! I changed the color backround to a similar to my skin and i can't see the fonts. How can i change the color of the fonts? Thanks!