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  1. Less is often (way) more

    I couldn't agree more. But it's becoming so common that on a lot of forums when you see someone infracted or banned their initial response is "but it doesn't say that in the rules". It's a lot like some common law countries legal systems where the law is becoming so complex that no one really has any idea what's illegal and what's not. I remember in the early 2000s most forums had it simple: No racism, no unwarranted flaming and no illegal/NSFW stuff. Done. Everything else was common sense. Okay, so perhaps some signature guidelines are fine. But having specific posting templates and requirements for particular forums is just nuts. I never read the rules.
  2. Nice thread, it's great to see things like this posted up. But I gotta say it's different for every situation. Yeah, you can create a forum about your own interests if that's what you're passionate about. You need passion to maintain interest. But at the same time you gotta draw the line between what you think is good and what others do, the "public" are your customers. If you're in it for the long haul you've gotta be prepared to go the full distance. At some stage that may mean stepping back from your board to focus on getting your servers optimized better. Faster pages = happier members. There's just so many aspects beyond actually posting that you need to think about. Are you happy to take a financial loss initially to please your member base? Why are you in this? I think the best thing you can do is get a couple of your good friends along and post a bit. In my opinion the hardest part is starting the movement, once it's started it's kind of hard to stop. But you need to know how to manage that rolling snowball otherwise you're gonna end up with an avalanche, big and furious but fast to die. This is a great video to watch BTW "How to start a movement": http://www.ted.com/t...a_movement.html You have to embrace those around you first.
  3. My main question is this: If I were to start skinning version 3.0.x now, when version 3.1 becomes available would I have to re-skin my forum again... or perform major work? Are there major changes expected to the templates or template systems? Or would I be safe to say that my skin that I'll have made for 3.0.x would be easily upgraded to incorporate features/additions in version 3.1 Reason for this question is that I don't want to spend countless hours perfecting a custom skin only to have to re-do the majority of it when 3.1 comes around. Cheers!