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  1. Top Content Poster

    Yes, total posts works better then nothing. On the previous forum I had total in 24hrs it made the forum look more active. But I will take this cause honestly this is better then nothing.
  2. Top Content Poster

    Could you maybe consider adding "Top Posters" and record the number of posts made? Honestly I thought this did that but I was wrong. Still a great buy though.
  3. (M34) Collections System

    Ok got a few questions/requests here if you have the time. Ability to add a custom field to auto topic creation. Ability to use HTML in the custom blocks (Or at least BB code) to color things up a bit. (Important) Let an Item have multiple owners. Meaning a user can just click on a item, add the username to the owner field, and not have 10,000 of the same listing over and over... reduces clutter. ** Of course these are just suggestions, and you are in no was obligated to complete them. I only ask that you keep them in mind. :smile:
  4. (M34) Collections System

    Excuse me, but I just purchased this seemingly fantastic mod. But I cannot seem to find the 'custom field' editor/creator anywhere... The only thing I found was the system setting under: System Settings>DevFuse>Collection System I checked the applications tab and it doesn't seem to list it, I have also checked the permissions and re-cached. Any ideas? EDIT: Nevermind, it was auto blocked in my ACP restrictions somehow.
  5. Nacht Skin

    I'm sorry but Bold and Italic fonts don't seem to be working at all. could you please lend a hand?
  6. [HQ] Awards

    Would you be willing to add an achievement trigger for reputation? I'm loving this add on. :) Thanks for everything.
  7. Glare by IPS Themes

    Posts using bold are showing up at all.
  8. Glare by IPS Themes

    wow that was quick! Look forward to it, looks like I'll be updating my board to 3.4.1...
  9. Glare by IPS Themes

    Hello, I just contacted you your site, but I figured I'd try here... The quote boxes are no longer showing up. It's white on white. :( Any ideas?
  10. Download: Space Univers

    I'm pretty sure this is a scam, I bought THIS skin awhile ago and the author disappeared. He was on version 1.1.1. His username was Neytiri and he never provided support for the major issues with his skin. >_< buyer be aware.
  11. Please consider re-releasing your RPG mod. It was great! One of it's kind.

  12. I fixed it... you have to ignore the instructions and put the full URL when linking the image.
  13. I see that you fixed the blank space issue before where there were no images loading... how did you do it? what am I doing wrong?
  14. Member Reviews

    This is false... It may not be from the adminCP. But you can move a review with the 'mod' button. As seen here: Yes... Of the product, yes. Changing the products parent does not carry over the reviews. In the places where I did not move or delete anything yes, it is accurate. I think I've been pretty clear... even used pic's. I've said this and I will repeat it: "But when I move the product they reviewed to it's proper place it does not record the review on the main screen, still says zero." Changing the product parent does not reflect on the main board. Moving/Deleting or anything does not display correctly at-all on the main page. If you can't understand this then I don't know, I'm not trying to be rude. I've explained it multiple ways. =/