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Status Updates posted by Tony.M

  1. Why do people from here have to be so damn immature?

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    2. Haku2


      Just because something is illegal in one country does not mean it's illegal in another...

    3. Fishfish0001


      Well it is in America. And he damn well knows it ;)

    4. Amy T

      Amy T

      What happened if I may ask?

  2. Is there a mod for top posters that make them a different color?

    1. EBrown


      Just make a different member group for them.

  3. I wish I could reply to statuses.................

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    2. AndyF


      I#m 99% sure that's WAI Brian if that's the case regarding mod-queue.

    3. Fishfish0001


      Thats odd :| I guess it makes sense though, but maybe Mod que statuses?

    4. alex.1096@yahoo.com


      Haha at first comment.

  4. I stay high no time for descending

  5. Oh man, I got everyone started with Chuck Norris.. And I can't comment on statuses still -_-

  6. When Chuck Norris goes swimming, he doesnt get wet, the water gets Chuck Norris

  7. Why can't I reply to status updates now..?

  8. Who can help me setup a wordpress homepage :)

    1. .Brian


      What do you need help with?

  9. Funny Stories, Call in and chat with us: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zerounlmtd

    1. Tony.M


      Call in and talk: 1 (347) 324-3519

  10. Come listen to us talk: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zerounlmtd :)

    1. Tony.M


      We will be back in 30 minutes

  11. Radio show is over, now to play some xbox :)

  12. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zerounlmtd COME LISTEN IN TO ME and MY BUDDYS TALK
  13. So sad how I have to see what drugs does to someone after you try and help them so much.. I am done being treated like faeces

    1. Tony.M


      That's suppose to say poop but another word

    2. ZakRhyno


      I know the different. What is slag term other is not. Well sort of.

  14. Drugs really can control someones life.. Stealing from family, forgetting about family, taking advantage of people. Hope she'll learn her lesson eventaully.

  15. Should be re-doing my forum but... toolazy right now

  16. I wish these status updates had a like button!!

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