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    Gaming strategies and tactics | Gaming News | Creating youtube videos. You can check out my channel at www.youtube.com/twthereddragon
  1. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Any update on this?
  2. Luminous by IPS Themes

    ughh.everytime I get a notification to this topic I keep hoping its Tom saying that its ready
  3. [HQ] Forum Icons

    Can this also work on the Mobile Skin? I went to search for the skin edits that are listed and couldn't find the first set in the mobile skin template - - I found some of the others, but was afraid to do them since the first one wasn't there. Does anyone have this working on a mobile skin?
  4. [HQ] Forum Icons

    I'm getting the icons to work on every forum except for my Redirect forum. It shows that its uploaded & enabled in the backend - but its not showing up. i've cleared cache & tried multiple things
  5. (DP34) Global Sidebars

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in/home/battlest/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/gsidebars/sources/classes/library.php(1161) : eval()'d code on line 1 This is what we have in the block When we enable the Global Sidebars - the forum index sidebar disappears and we get the Parse Error on the topic view /* Make sure the pageBuilder class is loaded */ if ( !ipsRegistry::isClassLoaded('pageBuilder') ) { $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPSLib::getAppDir('ccs') . '/sources/pages.php', 'pageBuilder', 'ccs' ); ipsRegistry::setClass( 'pageBuilder', new $classToLoad( ipsRegistry::instance() ) ); }print ipsRegistry::getClass('pageBuilder')->getBlock('sidebar1');
  6. IPContent Wrapperless Page Template

    sweet - great job
  7. Luminous by IPS Themes

    http://www.battlestrats.com/forums/topic/3968-battlestrats-fantasy-football-2012/ - The settings are set in the backend to show RATINGS with just 1 vote - however when you look at where that thread is posted when looking at the index of that forum - its not showing any stars for the rating
  8. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Any idea what would be causing the White Banner?
  9. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Made a quick vid to show what it looks like: I clear the cookies etc and then I open up an incognito browser to replicate a guest viewing the site and you'll see the banner is WHITE. I also tested Firefox and IE to make sure it wasn't chrome and I encounter the same issues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJE9_zfK2-8
  10. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Alright - thanks for helping us out on our original issue - having 1 more now. We would like to set the default to RED - and we followed the instructions. But everytime we try to refresh as a visitor the banner is showing as WHITE http://www.battlestrats.com/beta - which is IPContent if THAT is the first page they have visited However - if they visit the http://www.battlestrats.com/testforum FIRST - then it is right and then when they go to the homepage then the header is right apparently We have cleared cache - we have tried doing fresh installs - deleting cookies etc. When the banner is white you can select a color and it works but we don't want the default to be white for visitors
  11. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Tried sending you a PM on here and it says its not available - but i also sent you a skype request so i can shoot u the temp login
  12. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Did all of your suggestions and it has the same outcome.
  13. Luminous by IPS Themes

    Try now
  14. Luminous by IPS Themes

    I just purchased Luminious - installed it - everything looked right but as soon as we switched to a new color from the drop down it all went haywire http://www.battlestrats.com/testforum/ and can't get it back
  15. Luminous by IPS Themes

    I prefer this skin and the overall feel but I do like the Pulse Social Media bar and icons - if I get this skin can I use the social media bar and implement it within this one?