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  1. This might just get me back into the themes game and the making forums game lol.
  2. You've been a member here for 4 years and still don't know they release it when they deem it ready?
  3. Most likely doesn't, I haven't updated it since the last update was released and I don't have an active license to download 3.4.0 to update it :/
  4. Because really, this is now the test site...
  5. I have a question, when the hell was this site upgraded? TELL ME
  6. 3.3.2 isn't a major version, thats a minor version release, 3.3.0 is a major version release.
  7. This is a feature I would love to see taken from XenForo, it turns your bored off when it sees that there are new files for an upgrade to the next version then it automatically comes back online when done upgrading. If this is done, it would also be cool to have a feature when upgrading to either select when the board comes back online, as in say you need to configure some stuff before the board goes back online so you can have a box to check that makes it stay offline until you manually turn it back on.
  8. ^ Specially with all the new updates to deal with SEO in the latest major version.
  9. To bad it most likely won't come back.
  10. Comparing two completely different sites will give you results that don't matter at all.
  11. You really don't know how to compare sites do you....
  12. Just wondering, were the permission sets changed? I can't access the client lounge anymore.
  13. IP.Shoutbox was never operated by IPS, it was a community project which all community projects were taken down as they removed the community projects groups etc. Same goes for tracker.
  14. Sorry to say but you're not allowed to sell this, you're using parts of another skin from ipbforumskins and their own custom javascript code.
  16. [quote name='cyber-hound' timestamp='1331261910'] really. whats so good on it that you dont find on 3.2.3? Archive system, seo improvements, and more.
  17. Most people that are running 1.3 - 3.0.x are most likely sites that have private web developers that do bug fixes for them and keeps their site running smoothly.
  18. IIRC that's an IP.Content feature, not an 3.3 feature.
  19. I wasnt talking about the mod, I was talking about if it was to be implemented into the IP.Board core.
  20. A must for every IPB webmaster? I think not, I don't like limiting what my guests can view, especially since Spiders are considered guests and if you limit what they can view, then you don't have a good chance getting a good page rank etc.
  21. IPS may not do support anymore but other members/users here can still help out with 3.1.x if they wish.
  22. You know the skins you've recently uploaded for sale all contain copyrighted images right?
  23. A few css edits I imagine, I have been really busy lately and plan on being busy for some time more so it will be a bit before I can point you to the right area to make those changes.
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