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  1. Welcome. Is there a way to automatically detect user's language by using their UserAgent? If not in the core, then maybe there's a modification for that? I believe it's fairly easy to implement, it would be great to see it in an upcoming release if it's not possible yet. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. Welcome. I've enabled the negative reputation feature in order to allow my users to moderate forums themselves. The problem is that I can't find an option to force hiding posts with a certain negative reputation level. I know there's a filter for users, but can it be done automatically through an option?
  3. I believe the title explains everything. It would be an easy step forward to allow developers to create hooks, which would hide the normal content from <if>/<foreach> and add their own HTML. To allow multiple hooks to replace the same statement, IP.Board should simply discard the old content and add contents from hooks in it's place. So if there was: <div class='profilePic'><if test="showProfilePicture:|:$showProfilePicture"><img class='pic' /></if></div> A developer could achieve replacing the profile picture with an avatar: <div class='profilePic'><img class='avatar' /></div> Regards.
  4. I'd like to join the request. There are plenty of users with avatars on my forums and almost none of them has ever set a photo. I wouldn't care if it was only about the picture to the left on the user profile page, but it's also about friends functionality, where they would get those blank spots instead of avatars. Or at least make sure it's possible to replace pictures with avatars thanks to the new 3.1 data hooks. :)
  5. I can't login on the mobile skin without a password and Facebook is not supported there, even on the iPhone.
  6. Yep, IPB has no idea what my Facebook password is.
  7. I've got another one. This account has been created using FBC. This means I don't have a password. I wanted to set one, so I went to My Settings -> Change password. Unfortunately it wants me to type in an old password. The same problem appears when I'm trying to change my e-mail - this operation also requires a password. It would be kind if there was a way to do these things after FBC registration. It shouldn't ask for a password if the account doesn't have one.
  8. The newest changes are perfect. :thumbsup: I'm a little confused about marking them read though. You said they are not marked read if you click the content link. Doesn't opening the notifications menu or showing their content in a modal popup mark them read in the first place? Also: I know default notification options are changeable, but IPS has set these notification types to Private Conversation. I haven't got a lot of notifications yet and so I wonder what are the advantages of setting it so. What is the real difference between an inline notification and PC? I'm asking because I don't see a reason to create a new conversation for such a simple notification, unless their behavior differs significantly. Inline notifications don't trigger popups?
  9. It's brilliant apart from the search tab in the pop up. It tends not to show the right part of the post. For example, if I search for "eaccelerator" and preview the first topic on the list, it shows a small part of the beginning of the post containing my keyword. The keyword however is located futher in the post, so i don't see it in the preview. Because of this little tricky thing, "Search" tab in the preview becomes useless in a considerably big amount of cases. So I would love the script to know where my keyword (it's first occurence let's say) is located and to print the needed part, just like Google does. :)
  10. I personally don't find it necessary. The notifications will expire and disappear sooner or later I guess, so why would you care to remove them yourself? What would be the difference? You know, in the end you can always read every single one of all your notifications before they expire.
  11. A big one: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/308907-my-opinion-about-notifications/ A smaller one, with Matt's answer: :shifty:
  12. I completely agree with the ideas. I've actually posted a similar thread a little bit earlier - Ditchmonkey, we didn't know we needed it until we saw it. It always works this way :ph34r:
  13. Welcome. Ever since I read about the brand new notification system, I was amazed with the way it could improve the way I'd browse forums. The system may be brilliant, but as we all know, it still needs to be polished. I like the changes listed this post, but there's still one serious problem with it. Namely - noticifations are written as they were e-mails and so we've got to go inside each notification to see what it actually links to. It's obvious in case of e-mails, but I wish i could go straight from the notification pop-up to a Personal Conversation or to a post, which quotes my own post etc. So I suggest making another button in the pop-up window near "View notification", like "Go to source" or whatever the name would be, thanks to which we could skip reading this message, which actually looks unprofessional compared to all the advanced stuff in IPB, don't you think? Hello! This message is to notify you that one of your posts has been quoted by Stephen. The post that was quoted can be found here: http://community.inv...ost__p__1941225 The post that Stephen submitted can be found here: http://community.inv...ost__p__1941269 ---------------------------------- Yes I know it is crippled, hence the "I suspect the people complaining about the lack of expansion ports aren't thinking about it just in terms of connecting a digital camera" ;) ---------------------------------- If you no longer wish to receive notifications of quoted posts, you can adjust your preferences on the board by clicking My Settings, and then choosing Notification Options. http://community.inv...r.com/index.php Application would have to provide a link to the source while triggering a notification in order for this functionality to work. The button would not appear if it didn't provide a link. Thanks for hearing me out. Regards.
  14. Ulala! You're pretty good!

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