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  1. [JIMMO] Top Posters Plus

    Still showing 0 for "YOU", have confirmed with multiple members of my community. Re-caching didn't solve.
  2. Recent Topics Sidebar Hook

    I know this is a very old hook, but is there anyway to add group formatting to the names on the sidebar? The default one has this with the Group Format hook, but I've not the slightest idea how to do it for this hook.
  3. (M34) Donation Tracker

    Is there anyway to check for amount donated total instead of using <if test="showDonorLink:|:$author['donate_donations'] > 0"> I would like to add different icons based off total donated.
  4. Download: (SOS31) Total Time Spent On Forums

    On USerinfopane, it currently shows below all Custom Profile fields. Is this possible to maybe move it under the "Posts: #"?
  5. Download: (SOS31) Total Time Spent On Forums

    Hmm, I downloaded it and it's not appearing in the forum view
  6. File Name: Twitter Board File Submitter: William D File Submitted: 01 Dec 2010 File Updated: 01 Dec 2010 File Category: Light Skins Twitter board is a skin based off the social networking site called, Twitter. This skin will go great with any community. It includes an easy to use jquery login and will work for many applications. Click here to download this file
  7. (T31) Group Format

    Any reason why some show up as other groups? Say I have a Leader group which is red and a member group which is blue. On the board index, some members will be shown as red and vice versa.
  8. Download: (SOS31) Topic Viewed by Users

    Is there anyway you can maybe set it so instead of having to select all the forums, you could add a option "All Forums" so that whenever we create a new forum we have to go back and re-add it on this hook.
  9. Image Spam

    I currently use a free image uploading software which I use for a bunch of friends. Is there any scripts that I can have that will basically block image spammers? I don't want to use any Captcha. I was hoping for a .htaccess script that could ban IP's with multiple uploads with a certain amount of time.