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  1. IP Content question

    Great stuff, thanks. Last question before I decide to get IPB. I have a farily complex subscription model that we use for our members. We're a small martial arts association and our membership year runs from May 1st to May 1st every year, for those who don't join in May there is a temporary fee to cover them until the following May, this fee is different for every month, like this: Jan
  2. IP Content question

    A few quick questions about IP Content: Can I put a mini calendar on my homepage that displays events from the main calendar? Can I put a recent threads widget/tool on the homepage? Can I put recent images from IP Gallery?
  3. excellent Chelsea score :)

  4. Facebook connect and albums

    Is this because facebook connect doesn't offer this functionality or because IPB have yet to implement/decide to implement it? Just out of curiosity.
  5. Is it possible to sync photos in IP Gallery with facebook albums?