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  1. Any news about Google Tag manager implementation? I would like to use it too. What is the best way to add it to IPB?
  2. Hello, I am thinking to add CloudFlare (free) to my VPS with IPB 4. Do you recommend it or there are some issues with invision community? For example, IP addresses: are they still recorded correctly? Or statistics? ... Please suggest me the best option. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I remember somewhere there should be a feature to auto/manually delete/archive old/empty conversations or posts. I can't find it in the new 4.3 board. Somebody can help me find it?
  4. Thank you for your response. So for now I should stick with Gmail or try to configure SMTP with my domain address. What about external services that send emails...are they worthy?
  5. Doesn't IPB automatically compress the new images that are uploaded?
  6. Hello, I run this test (gtmetrix.com ) on my website and as a result I found: Serve scaled images The following images are resized in HTML or CSS. Serving scaled images could save 62.9KiB (87% reduction). AND Optimize images Optimize the following images to reduce their size by 23.9KiB (42% reduction). (mostly avatar images) How can I optimize these two values?
  7. Hello, After migrating to a new server (VPS) I found out that my emails are not being sent out. My default setting as delivery method are PHP. Switching to SMTP and using my gmail email account I was able to fix this and emails now work. However, I would like to ask you a few questions about these email delivery methods so that I can set them up properly and choose the best option for my needs (I am not an expert on this). 1. Right now I am using my gmail account to send emails. However I would like to use my info@domain.com email instead. Would it be more or less reliable with SMTP? How good is gmail in handling all the community emails? Any limitation issue? 2. I wonder what is not working using the default PHP settings. What should I configure in my server to make it work? 3. What is the main difference between PHP and SMTP? Which one should I use and why? My VPS has a dedicated IP...does it matter? Thank you and I apologize for the dummy questions. Best
  8. So, let's suppose I only want to show the ads to guest/visitors. How should I set it up? I created a custom ads, selected guests only and got this code: {advertisement="KEY"} Where am I supposed to put this code now? In the <body> ? I ask because Google says to put their code in the <head>. What should I do?
  9. Thank you for your answer. I have seen the "Background Processes" on the ACP Dashboard running some tasks. However, the situation is still the same after a few days from the setup. How long is it gonna take? Can I run the tasks manually? How? Thanks again!
  10. Hi guys. I am trying the new beta of IPB4 on a copy of my database so that I can start getting familiar with the new interface. I am having a problem with the BBCode on my old messages. After the upgrade, I can't display correctly the messagges. In fact, I can only see the code. For example: [color="red"]text[/color]How can I enable it again? I can't find it on the ACPanel
  11. Up! I'm also wondering if there is a way to have the PM popup notification by default. Any suggestions?
  12. UP. This setting is very important!!! A lot of members don't read the MP without a popup!
  13. No, there isn't a way to validate the email provided by the facebook user in the [url=" to our forum" page. The user can easly set an invalid email! Is possible to set automatically the facebook-mail and skip the "welcome page"?
  14. Does this mod allow to set the description to all the forums or only to the board index?
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