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  1. few questions

    Thanks for this, I'll let him know.
  2. few questions

    1. How can you add a tab at the top of the forum, like some re-direct tabs. 2. I asked a question before about getting a announcement/pop-up box and I got given a link. But because I'm not an active member I can't access the link. As it's my mate that's got the account and I've not seen him for a while. Is there any chance in someone sending it me by message? or something please? 3. Is it possible to add small images in the corner of the reply, fast reply and the post boxs?
  3. Posting layout

    I was woundering you know how you post and you have you're signature under the post and you're profile details at the left hand side? well is it possible to make it so you're post details are at the top of the post? like it is on most forums?
  4. Pop up/announcement box

    Is there any way of getting like an announcement box? or a pop up box for the forum.. Either a popup box for when someone joins the forum, or when ever they log on they have a pop up box show up with latest news for that day. Or a message when someone joins. or a small box at the top of the forum where I can include information or something?? Plus how do you make it so when someone sends you a message you get the message box to come up because on another forum the box dont come up and you have to manually click the [1] so is there a setting or something?
  5. IPB mods/apps

    Yeah I did mean casino lol. Sorry about the spelling. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. IPB mods/apps

    I was woundering if there is any mods/apps for IPB 3.1. for a casio to be added? Where all members of the board can take part and win forum points ect ect?? or any other type of fun games for the board.
  7. mate i was wandering if you could help me out.. go on the sites shoutbox, and I'll personal message you

  8. www.ourgenerationmods.com

  9. hi there, what's you modder site called then?

  10. hassle free-communities

    I don't get it though because one of my friends has just brought one and they said it's cost them $200 plus the monthly cost.
  11. hassle free-communities

    Is this just monthly payments depending on the package we buy? for example.. If we want to get one of these hassle free communities set up we just say
  12. New to the idea

    IS it good for a clan board?
  13. New to the idea

    And where can i find more on these hosted community package? and the cheapest?
  14. New to the idea

    Do you still have to pay that
  15. New to the idea

    Where can i read up more on this? All I'm looking for is a good decent forum that's better than all these free forums and a cheap host. if anyone could provide me some links please?