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  1. I really need someone to look into this, as attention has been nothing but poor. Please look at ticket 739128, where we schedule our conversion for the 28th, and explain the conversion objectives in full. Please look at ticket 762843 (opened on the 28th), where we: Ask why our conversion isn't happening after taking our site offline and moving the database over to a brand new server, and get left in the dark for an extended amount of time (12+ hours) without a response from anyone. Have to explain to the staff member that they did not completely upload the required installation files, and that is why the installer isn't launching. Get told by the staff member that our wordpress hasn't been converted, as the database details were not provided. Apparently they did not read our response earlier about wordpress being stored in the same database as vbulletin. Notice that the version freshly installed is not the most current version of ip.board available, bring that up and never get a response to it. I get asked if i would like to have the site offline or online for the rest of the conversions, i answer TWO minutes later... and I have had no communication since then. That was at 29 September 2011 - 09:43 PM. So, I am sitting here with a half converted site and no communication whatsoever. Initially I was very impressed with this company, even sharing my thoughts with the community.... but now I am feeling very confused as to how this is being handled. This does not feel like 240 dollars worth of work. I am very disappointed. Someone please help.
  2. It would be nice if we could have a "collapse" button for the quoted text in the report center that shows the reported post's content. For longer posts, it makes it easier to get down to the moderator discussion portion.