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  1. phpBB to IP Board

    You can transfer all of the forums and member accounts from phpBB to IPB! There is a converter that walks you through everything step by step! I originally converted from phpBB myself and everything transfered over fine!!!
  2. Selling the rights to my IPB license and IPB account which includes premium purchases on apps and themes!!! PM me if interested, great deal!!!!!!

  3. Selling IPB License which includes extras! PM me for info if interested!!!

  4. Mine is at http://www.evoresource.com not a very huge community compared to some out there! My forums migrated all the way from Php Nuke Platinum lol..
  5. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Latest version of IPB is 3.4.3 not 3.3.4, it just amazes me how people report the file as broken when they just need to upgrade to the latest IPB version!?! I purchased this mod last week and I think you are doing a great job, keeping up on updates recently!!! To you guys trying to use recent mods on old versions of software, wake up to the real world!!! :)
  6. [HQ] Custom Pages

    IPB 3.4.3 with the latest version of this mod, I thought HTML worked but it doesn't or am I missing something???
  7. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Thanks Tom :)
  8. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    ETA on an update of this skin for 3.4.3??
  9. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Ok, did not realize that, will check that out thanks Marcher!! :)
  10. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    The Thumbshots work ok for the most part but if there was an alternative option added just to allow your own thumb screenshots, that would be co0l!!! :)
  11. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    I would suggest with the next version of this (4.0.9?), you need to replace the thumbshots third party option or add an alternate option to add your own custom thumb screenshot!!!!! This is a bad idea to rely on Thumbshots.com's 5,000 hits cap policy or you have to start paying an additional fee! I already pay enough for my own server host which doesnt limit screenshots by number of hits so I dont completely understand why this is the only option for thumbshots!?!
  12. PhpBB3 vs IP Board Features

    Cynapz, You won't go wrong with switching from phpbb3 to ipb!! I made the switch from phpbb3 myself and it was the best thing I could do for my forum website! There are many features that ipb has over phpbb3 so you won't be disappointed!! :)
  13. These images are cool, thanks!! There is one issue though! These images do not display the correct size on the categories in the main page of the arcade! Does anyone know how to edit the category images so they are not fixed at a default size!?! See following screenshot...
  14. User Restrictions

    This isnt going to stop a DDoS attack! It may only prove to be about 10% effective! The smart thing would be to not make any enemies on the net and you'll be fine! ;)
  15. (NB34) Hot Topics

    I installed Hot Topics 1.0.3 and its displaying member titles not topics and the post number order is out of whack!?!