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  1. 1 hour ago, TDBF said:

    The problem with this plug-in is the lack of caching and the amount of time it takes to fully load. Our members complained that it took up to two minutes and we had to remove it. We were going to report this to the developer but noticed in the reviews section that people tried to contact the developer without success but he is quick willing to take his $10 though.

    ? Yes, I was far too busy swimming Scrooge McDuck style in my pool of $10 bills to reply to anyone who messaged me.

    Had you contacted me, I would of course have been willing to help you with that issue. I would have told you how using native browser style rather than EmojiOne will load much faster. I would have offered, as I have done for other people, to make a custom build for you with certain categories removed for faster loading. I also would have been willing, if none of that was acceptable, to refund your precious $10.

    Maybe next time give that a try ?

    By the way, I make mods for fun, and to make features I think are cool. If someone pays me to make a mod specifically for them, I do keep that, but for everything sold on the marketplace, I give the money to a local charity which runs programming classes for kids in the city I live in. So yeah... screw you, buddy.

  2. I'll have to review vB5, but based on KT Walrus' comments I think I'm mistaken. They are probably using his approach rather then the CSS framework design, and it's killing performance (among other things).

    I would imagine it's something much lower level causing performance to be that dreadful.

    Remember the early vBulletin 4.x versions which had query counts in the hundreds? Those people aren't exactly known for making efficient software.
  3. Don't use LMGTFY links as a source to back up an argument. With all due respect, you make yourself look like an idiot.

    Nevertheless, I scanned through the first few results and they're all to do with the merchant (i.e. why you should not accept PayPal payments). Perhaps PayPal isn't the best choice for merchants, but that's neither here nor there (I'm sure IPS doesn't need business advice).

    You're yet to provide any reason why as a consumer you shouldn't use them, and considering the millions of people that buy stuff with PayPal every day and don't have any problems, I doubt one exists.
    If you're refusing to use PayPal, even as a customer, based on some moral principle - you're fighting a loosing battle.

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