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  1. No, sorry I should have been clearer - they're two different things: Sign in With Apple - where you sign in with your Apple ID and password (like you might sign in with Facebook or Twitter) is what this blog entry is talking about. The ability to use Touch ID / Face ID for two-factor authentication is something Apple have recently announced for iOS 14. Since it is based on WebAuthn, it's probable that my plugin either will automatically support it or will be able to be updated to do so. I will test once the public beta is out and get it ready before iOS 14 is released.
  2. I haven't had a chance to upgrade a device to iOS 14 to test with yet, but I did watch the WWDC session on it and under-the-hood it is using WebAuthn so it is probable that my WebAuthn plugin will work for this, or I will be able to update it to do so.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    This application adds support for the W3C Specification Web Authentication (WebAuthn) for Two Factor Authentication in Invision Community. With this application, users with a security key that supports the standard (like Yubikey, Solo Key, or a a compatible Android device with a fingerprint reader) will be able to register that key and use it for Two Factor Authentication. These keys can be built-in, or connected by USB, NFC, Bluetooth, etc (whatever is supported by the key). Some keys provide fingerprint sensors and other additional security. Supported Browsers: Desktop: An up-to-date version of any major browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) iOS: version 13.3+ Android: An up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Android Browser Examples of supported security keys: Yubico Solo Google Titan Feitan eWBM Egis OneSpan HyperFIDO Note: Only authenticators which are signed with a X.509 certificate are supported. ECDAA and self attestation is not supported.
  4. ? Yes, I was far too busy swimming Scrooge McDuck style in my pool of $10 bills to reply to anyone who messaged me. Had you contacted me, I would of course have been willing to help you with that issue. I would have told you how using native browser style rather than EmojiOne will load much faster. I would have offered, as I have done for other people, to make a custom build for you with certain categories removed for faster loading. I also would have been willing, if none of that was acceptable, to refund your precious $10. Maybe next time give that a try ? By the way, I make mods for fun, and to make features I think are cool. If someone pays me to make a mod specifically for them, I do keep that, but for everything sold on the marketplace, I give the money to a local charity which runs programming classes for kids in the city I live in. So yeah... screw you, buddy.
  5. Version 1.1.2


    This plugin adds lots of additional features to the member list: A quick link in the site header takes you directly to the member list without having to go through search (can be turned on or off). Can see and search by: If the user is online If the user has a photo Number of posts Age Join date Last visit date Last post date Any custom fields Works great with Member Location Latest version (1.1.x) is compatible with Invision Community 4.4.x. To use with older versions, download version 1.0.1 instead.
  6. Version 1.2.3


    This plugin allows members to specify their physical location (accurate to the nearest town or city) and allows other members to search for members based on the location. Features: Users can specify their location when registering or editing their profile. In the AdminCP you can set if the location is required in either or both of these locations. When entering a location, autocomplete is provided which automatically detects the user's physical location (based on their IP address) to find towns close by. Location shows on user's profile and when viewing the member list. If you have specified a location yourself, it will also show the distance between you and that member on the member list. When searching the member list, you can search for users within a certain distance (in miles or km, configurable from AdminCP setting) of a particular town or city and sort by distance from that place. When searching the member list, you can also sort results by distance from you without specifying a location. When viewing the member list, a quick "Members near me" link shows which will quickly filter the list to users close to your location and sort by distance. Works great with Enhanced Member List Important: Before installing this plugin you must have configured your Google Maps API key Latest version (1.2.x) is compatible with Invision Community 4.4.x. To use with older versions, download version 1.1.2 instead.
  7. Version 1.0.6


    This modification is no longer supported in 4.3 which adds native Emoji support. Add full Emoji support to your community! Adds over 1,500 Emoji to the "emoticons" dropdown on your community. No set up required. Just install the plugin! Option to use EmojiOne style or use the Emoji style for the user's device. All your existing emoticons are still available. Emoji is stored as UTF-8 characters (not images) and so can be searched and displays even in areas where images are stripped (like search results). Important, before you purchase: This plugin requires your database be in utf8mb4 mode. Go to AdminCP > System > Support. Next to the MySQL version, if you see an option to enable utf8mb4, run that tool. If you do not see it, you are already ready.
  8. I would imagine it's something much lower level causing performance to be that dreadful. Remember the early vBulletin 4.x versions which had query counts in the hundreds? Those people aren't exactly known for making efficient software.
  9. Don't use LMGTFY links as a source to back up an argument. With all due respect, you make yourself look like an idiot. Nevertheless, I scanned through the first few results and they're all to do with the merchant (i.e. why you should not accept PayPal payments). Perhaps PayPal isn't the best choice for merchants, but that's neither here nor there (I'm sure IPS doesn't need business advice). You're yet to provide any reason why as a consumer you shouldn't use them, and considering the millions of people that buy stuff with PayPal every day and don't have any problems, I doubt one exists. If you're refusing to use PayPal, even as a customer, based on some moral principle - you're fighting a loosing battle.
  10. Seriously? You think vBulletin's RTL support is good? Have a read of this: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?348241-gave-up-of-reporting-no-more-RTL-bug-reports-by-me-and-my-staff (For those who can't read that, it's a 12 page topic in the vBulletin customer forums complaining about RTL support)
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