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  1. Well I'll be turning the code off again as GT Metrix hates it:
  2. Brilliant, thanks that is where I put it but thought I'd check I was right.
  3. Way cool It is best to add the code into the Head Top or Head Bottom area?
  4. I can recommend ServInt VPS, cheapest is $55 a month.
  5. I've got my categories within the articles set to "Post a topic to the specific forum each time a new record is added" and "Comments will be posted as replies". The post is indeed made and replies are posted in the forum. However I was expecting those comments to be visible from the article as well, but it seems that this is not the case. Is this correct?
  6. I can see it being useful. I'd be happy myself if I could find a decent set of Group icons which had all the titles in there I want
  7. I wasn't sure if the same applied as settings had been added. However I'll now update
  8. Do we need to remove the old version and reload the new variant?
  9. It looks that way, but that is a massive Mod for too high a price for me. Standard would be ideal I agree but I can see that taking so long.
  10. Adriano if Invision do not corm up with such a facility is it something that you could possibly consider developing? There seems a lot of interest and a relatively cheap Mod which would meet the needs of the community might be viable?
  11. We prefer the use of posts as that gives us one system to maintain as we are forum based. So we posted the 'news' in any relevant forum and then promoted that post to an article for visibility on our sires portal which was made using articles. We can live with posting articles but do not like it being forced to be tied to one specific forum, and that the associated forum post does not contain all the data from the article (i.e. no image).
  12. I hope it comes back soon as I'm desperate for this to return.
  13. Fingers crossed Invision take such changes on board!
  14. Agreed, bandwidth is not my issue as we're a low user forum, but the large cache table which eats resources is!
  15. That was my point in posting I'm running version I have mentioned it in ticket : 919796 (last entry made).; [Should have said]
  16. Having discussed with my host they have advised that we convert the large tables, and as such the following have been converted to InnoDB: core_theme_resources 22.55mb forums_posts 53.18mb core_cache 1457.45mb That core cache seems overly large though!
  17. Guys based on my original: [--] Data in MyISAM tables: 511M (Tables: 185) [--] Data in InnoDB tables: 40M (Tables: 73) Is it worth me getting my host to convert my tables to InnoDB as well? Is it completely non-destructive / safe? Asking as we're on holiday way away from home and main resources.....
  18. Possibly, difficult to confirm though as we are on holiday at the moment with dire connectivity.
  19. Yep I can confirm this I got it happening to me last night!
  20. Yeah I know trying hard not to go down that route this time around
  21. But alas that still leaves it visible: Which them gives a no access error if clicked upon. Ideally I'd like to swap it for New Content but I guess that is not possible?
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