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  1. Guys I've got my navbar as: I want to change the text colour from white (#fff) to '#005E8F'. I had thought that: .ipsMenu_title{ background: #005E8F; } would do the trick when added to custom.css but it seems not. Can anyone advise what I'm missing please?
  2. Imagine if one works with opening the link in a new tab, extremely difficult to hit it!
  3. Good luck I think IPS are forgetting this requirement.
  4. Yep been getting that myself for the last 24 hours.
  5. Definitely a feature which needs to return.
  6. No ideas on 2Checkout, suggest you raise a ticket with tech support and see if you can get answers, that is what I had to do.
  7. Automatic subscription options as I understand it: Credit Card via Paypal businessCredit card via Stripe/SSLCredit card via alternative payment systemAll those ill avoid "recurring invoice reminder to renew". That is as far as I got with my investigations as my users do not want to use credit cards. Hope that helps.
  8. We ended up with some users staying on the old 3.8.x Subscription system using the gateway. Of the new subscribers since moving to IPS 4.xx, as moving to SSL for Stripe is not valid for us, we're got users switching to direct bank transfer to my personal bank account, and others using the dire "recurring invoice reminder to renew" service. Nobody is impressed with the new system at all, and I wish we could have stayed with the old system. I anticipate subscription take up since moving to IPS4 to be maybe reduced by 80%. Everyone loved the previous system of automatic subscription renewals via PayPal, nobody likes the new "recurring invoice reminder to renew" service, and none of my users want to go the credit card route. You can use the PayPal credit card system of course for a monthly fee if you upgrade to a business account, not viable for us either. If I had known about this with IPS4 we would not have uplifted to the new software. The response I get from IPS is that this is all down to PayPal changing APIs, and they have no choice. However has the old 3.8x subscription system suddenly stopped working, I think not! If I did not have a very close relationship with my small user pool we'd be shut down by now due to lack of finance.
  9. Thanks for responding. The particular temp[late I as looking to find was the one for the responses to support desk, but if here are multiple templates I'll not bother, it is just that this looks a bit bare: Just founds the email templates in the ACP and these appear to all tie on to the same 'header' code which is not editable in the ACP templates section here: So there is a header potion not shown in these templates which does carry the logo as per my first image above. That is the template I need to find and edit.
  10. I'm trying to add the site name next to the logo in the email template, but can't work out which the template is, and what variable holds the site name. Can anyone advise?
    Was great, but seems to be broken with IPS4
  11. Guys we've got the situation where we want to move all the posts from a couple of forums (which we will be closing) into another (current parent) forum. With the old IP.Board I'm sure I remember having a 'move' post facility in the ACP. Now all I can see are: So what is the right methodology? If I use 'Empty' does it prompt you with the option to move the posts into another forum? Hopefully some kind soul can advise ,you can appreciate me being cautious!
  12. I've been following this and using it as a tutorial myself, and have got as you can see below. The problem is that the background image does not quite reach to the underneath of the button bar. I only want to go up to it not above. Any ideas?
  13. Maybe not elegant but it works: {{if \IPS\Theme::i()->logo['front']['url'] !== null }} {{$logo = \IPS\File::get( 'core_Theme', \IPS\Theme::i()->logo['front']['url'] )->url;}} <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><img src="{$logo}" alt=''><font size="5">{setting="board_name"}</font></a> {{else}} <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elSiteTitle' accesskey='1'>{setting="board_name"}</a> {{endif}}
  14. Okay I can get this with modifying the logo template as: {{if \IPS\Theme::i()->logo['front']['url'] !== null }} {{$logo = \IPS\File::get( 'core_Theme', \IPS\Theme::i()->logo['front']['url'] )->url;}} <a class='ipsMenu_title' href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elLogo' accesskey='1'><img src="{$logo}" alt=''><b>{setting="board_name"}</b></a> {{else}} <a href='{setting="base_url"}' id='elSiteTitle' accesskey='1'>{setting="board_name"}</a> {{endif}}But I can't work out which class to use to get text the same size as that used for the 'New Content' title. Anyone any ideas?
  15. Is it easy to modify the theme to put the name of the site (using standard IPS4 font) next to the logo? Or is this available as standard and I've missed it?
  16. Hmm might be useful to know as I'm on the Flex package with ServInt (lowest possible at $55) and it does not have a lot of resource as you can see. The customer service aspect for anything needed to be done on the server is first class though. Any requested work usually done within the hour.
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