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  1. @Adlago If setting the 'Javascript include location -> Just before </body> tag' makes so much difference why do Invision not set that option as standard on the default theme?
  2. Okay on my account I see the same as you: However at the top of the 'live' page I see: But I if I click on the 'account eligibility' I get: If I expand that I get: When I contacted PayPal I was told I had to upgrade to a paid business account to get that facility. I've just asked PayPal support: Will see what they come back with!
  3. Okay if that is now possible can you please advise how you configured IPS4 and PyPal to allow you to do that?
  4. Right, this is where we get crossed wires, the issue is with 'Paypal Subscriptions', that is automatically repeated payments and that does require the Paid Business Account Thanks for confirming @MastricX
  5. Okay I'm just sharing what PayPal and Invision Support told me. @Lindy can you or one of the team please jump in here and clarify the situation once and for all, or maybe write a FAQ on it?
  6. Yes I went that route and it didn't work with IPS4, PayPal support advised to get it to work I'd have had to pay. In the end I got PayPal to revert my account back to a personal one once the testing had been proven not to work. If you don't believe me do what I did and raise a ticket with Invision Support and with Paypal and see how far you get. The legacy gateway is indeed still working!
  7. There are two levels of business account evidently. When I spoke to PayPal about the IPS4.x gateways they told me that only the chargeable business accounts supported the new API that IPS4 uses. I'd be very happy to be proven wrong! But that was what I was told after a long (two week) exchange of messages between myself and Invision Support and PayPal.
  8. tekguru

    Fixed Navbar

    Hoping so as I miss this too!
  9. Seconded 100%, Expanded view is too 'woolley' and shows too much initial information.
  10. So in theory IPS could easily add a setting to allow you to set the initial default.
  11. Do you have any plans to test it at all?
  12. I'm not going anywhere near it. I spent weeks waiting for a decent portal display (Pages = templates & blocks) to be available for 4.0.x and I believe that breaks with 4.1.x, so I'm not moving until that works. Amazes me how a few templates in pages can get screwed up with a 'point' update. For me this is as bad as migrating from 3.8.x all over again. I simply can't afford the time investment to get Pages workable again!
  13. I did read your entire post. The 'new' incarnation of PayPal requires you to have a business account for it to work which requires a fee to be paid of around (IIRC) $20 or $30 a month. As that is likely equivalent or more than the donations we get in it is not feasible for us.
  14. Not a solution for me as it'd not be financially viable as the Paypal costs would outweigh the donations. Other providers use credit cards which requires SSL. My users do not trust IPS to use a credit card system. So no go for us.
  15. Condensed as a default for me, expanded is too large for ease of use.
  16. I'd be interested in knowing the answer too!
  17. Thanks Steve, that was what was used in a theme I'd bought and I was told that effected the change. Seems not, anyway your code has fixed it for me! Happy now
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