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  1. One thing I did want to check, am I correct in saying that this Mod does not support a global right hand sidebar?
  2. Just wanted to let you know I've not forgotten the requirement for this Mod, just thinking about whether we hold of the launch for 3.1 first. Will this Mod be updated to be 3.1 complaint at all?
  3. Right makes sense now so I can live with that, cheers for the clarification.
  4. Cheers Andy thanks for that - it is working but promoting the users to a secondary group. Just now got to find the settings to change that so it promotes to a primary - I know it is in there somewhere :)
  5. I've been trying to get user Promotion working whereby I wish to upgrade users with more than 100 posts and move them into a different group. It all appears to be set correctly but no promotion are taking place. Is this because: a) I need to turn something on - wondering as I can't see any scheduled Promotion task,. b) We're running a test system and the users concerned have not logged on and posted, I'm wondering if the mechanism is triggered by a new posting by a user who meets the criteria. Anyone know and can clarify for me?
  6. Well he did say overwrite the XML and I can't see any XML in the folders :)
  7. Still getting used to IPB, do we actually remove the old hook (whichever this is classed as) and then reload it, or just reload it over the top an the system will know to overwrite the right hook? Just want to check to avoid messing things up!
  8. Hmm did you have to re-cache or anything to get it to work?
  9. Installed here too, same issues, nothing in the application page plus on the default IPB skin it does not appear for me at all. Any tips on getting it to show?
  10. Thanks for replying. 1) I do not see any screen shots of adverts in place on the forum showing what the sidebar adverts look like? Only the settings screen for them. 2) Adsense blocks come in may different sizes and shapes some landscape (wide and not very tall) and skyscraper (thin and tall) I just wanted to check that these would work 3) Please advise as we'd wish to include ads in the sidebars on the IP.Content page and we do need to know if these would work. Looking forward to your reply.
  11. Can we see examples of this mod working at all and showing: 1) All the possible advert positions 2) Adsense blocks working in landscape and skyscraper locations I'm very tempted to buy but need to know it can support the adverts now we have on the old site (www.4winmobile.com), that is: Top banner Adsense Footer - 2 changing landcape ads Sidebars - 3 changing advert sets And I guess we'd need it to work within IP.Content too Appreciate it if you can advise ASAP.
  12. You are a hero :) On the way!
  13. Is there any way without using custom BBCode that one can wrap text around am image in a post? From what I can see text can be aligned and indented, but I can' t see anyway of left aligning an image, which would result in the text wrapping around it? I've looked through the resources and can't find anything that may address this lack?
  14. slowly making progress

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