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  1. Short story, I have 3 boys ages 26, 22 and 9. So my 2 oldest ones grew up and left home and the wife and I were in the clear. I was working for a major automotive paint manufacturer at the time and was offered a position being a advanced trouble shooting tech. That position required me to basically travel the US waaaaaay too much, diagnose and fix issues with the most coveted customers the company had. Basically, when we had a great big money spending customer about to leave over a issue they sent me in to save the day. So anyhow, I got called into the Chicagoe area a few weeks after my last boy 22 left home. I took the wife, we had too many drinks and before you know...as Brittney would say... Oooops, I did it again... Damn... That was short lived freedom. Moral to this story is Brandon... Well, I don't know, just thought I'd mention this Since my youngest is 9 now, I have 9 more years to go... But he's awesome and I wouldn't trade him for the world..
  2. Let us know we made a mistake

    Shoot a pm off to @Charles or @Lindy and ask them where the train fell off the tracks at
  3. Let us know we made a mistake

    Are you sure? Check your profile post history? I've personally literally lost threads I've created at times then found them at another time It'd have to be fairly derogatory for IPB to step in. Have you been bad?
  4. We are running a select theme sale in Marketplace from now through the 8th of Oct. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me here at IPB. Thank You DesignzShop
  5. QOTW: What is your favorite TV show?

    @Mark You may of provided just a bit too much info there
  6. IPB Development Services

    Of course that's one of the first steps. I know the procedure like the predictability of a novel. You can tell someone it's their issue however and sometimes they still say it's not their problem and it's still you. Besides this, your client is the go between usually adding even more to the confusion sometimes. Sometimes all people know is something does not work. Even trying to explain it's not you doesn't help them. And there's more,.. I simply want the best options for my clients with the best results to keep issues that are not mine down and leave the hassles behind as much as possible.
  7. IPB Development Services

    I have a lot of requests asking about who I'd recommend for a dev for custom development work. Not theme work, but actual code/framework/plugins etc.. work. If IPB had a more flexible price range I'm positive that would cut down tremendously being asked and if asked I'd have a reputable source to refer them too. Quality work also would cut down on issues with plugins/3rd party add-on issues too.
  8. IPB Development Services

    Been a long time since this has been brought up but what the hay, I will again because I feel the situation is very needed and has almost become dire. Could IPB please consider creating development services? Could IPB Consider hiring someone to do dev services that has extensive knowledge of the framework? Please consider setting up a way we could submit what we need for and a cost rebuttal. Really getting old being blamed for things that's others issues. For almost 3 years now every bad plugin somehow has been my fault until of course it's found it's never been my theme. 3 years and never an issue with my themes. The back and forth and the blame game is a bit too much imo. Not to mention I'm really tired of having to debug and prove someone elses issues time and time again. I've lost so many hours debugging otters stuff, I'm just worn from it. I understand maybe hiring a IPB Dev would cost a bit more but really, I'd pay it in a heart beat and gladly wait a turn. On top of this I stopped giving referrals to devs a couple of months ago and need to have a solid knowledgeable dependable source that understands the framework entirely instead of in part. I would go for consulting services also. Just a thoiught Thanks
  9. Pressbox

    Version 4.2.5v2

    1 download

    NEW THEME for 4.2.3 Extended features that Rock! Our Turn-Key Solution Themes mean there's no additional work for you. Our Turn-Key Solution Themes mean there's much less need for needing support. DesignzShop always updates our themes within 24 hrs of a major IPB release. Extended features that are designed to give you more control over presentation of your webpages without using Pages. Some modules can transfer into pages blocks. Swiper Slider can be turned off global or per IPB Module or seen in just a single IPB module. Swiper Slider controls are through Custom Settings. Upload images and more through your themes ACP for Swiper. Swiper JS is served from a CDN. Removes JS overhead in our themes and CDN's are fast as a general rule. Multiple image uploads Select between using a gradient, solid color or Image for your categories area More image upload areas include the Grid view, new Boss Footer, body background, post profile area and several other areas Use a background image in your header. We've made that area responsive too using css3 "cover" Adjust your header to most any size Use a In-Line or Full Footer or you can even use them both at the same time. Footers utilize Theme ACP for total control over them. The new Boss Footer utilizes ipbGrid with custom setting fields. We give you total control over your footer. ipbGrid is used in all our footer templates to insure awesome responsive design. The Creative In-Line Footer also gives you total control over a inline footer. Custom controls over your leaderboard features like trophies Extended color selectors for all kinds of new places All our extra modules can be toggled off/on, or to show in one IPB module or show in all the suite. New Modules include custom-Inline-Footers, custom in-line wysiwyg grid strips that can be used for video and about anything else you can imagine. Some modules can be turned off in mobile All graphics in our themes are made by us. That keeps your investment safe. Advanced graphics users can benefit from the ability to create extensivly using our modules and themes. Imagination is the only limitation here. All DesignzShop themes use strcit IPB logic for everything. We use no additional JS/jQuery. And there's more... Much more. Buy a DesignzShop theme now and treat yourself and Community. DesignzShop creates themes that allow communities thrive.


  10. @DesignzShop we had a problem on one of your great themes of which was resolved quickly, I cannot thank you enough.

    Keep up the great work and keep the excellent customer support going.

    Thank you so much :) 

  11. Racing (& sports) resulst

    This is really pretty easy... Using pages build a database. Using a general profile when building the database Racers Name Season points Event results Event location etc... etc.... Now if you want those results to automatically calculate that's a whole other issue and would require a nit more work. But depending on how big the racer count is for your track and points events doing the math yourself may not be an issue at all..
  12. June 28th it still wasn't in according to the poster and your post confirming that June 29. That's what I seen before I posted to be sure.,. so it's been a couple of weeks but besides that, the perception given is if someone purchased the plugin it would further development and instead purchaser gets this answer But whatever...
  13. CMS Block Caching

    I've often wondered about this myself and always considered this wai so I never thought it worthwhile to report. Very happy to see this has a correction coming
  14. A person is only as good as their word. It's actions like this that leave end users (not developers) scratching their heads.
  15. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Very good. This means I can also release Beta 3 of my themes which need some additional testing due to adding tons of new features because we've had this extra time. Much appreciated for sure to of gotten time to do a real update instead of a rushed one