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  1. This is brilliant, and takes the pain of scouring and updating templates out the equation. Thanks Tom !
  2. We've developed an odd (even bizarre) problem with subs. (3.3.4) For some reason, a load of subs have been updating their start and end dates EVERY DAY. I'm not sure how long it's been happening, but I think it's about three days. What I mean by that is that someone pays on the 14th of Feb. The record on our AdminCP shows that the last payment date was 14-Feb-13, and the subscription expiry is 13-Feb-14. Come back 24 hours later, the last payment date on record has changed to 15-Feb-13, and the subscription expiry is 14-Feb-14. The following day, everything has moved on another day, i.e. the last payment date on record has changed to 16-Feb-13, and the subscription expiry is 15-Feb-14. In each case that this is happening (at least 15-16 of them), there is only one Paypal payment; it's our software that keeps changing the dates.
  3. Hi There After upgrading to the latest version, we've noticed that some of our members are displaying a negative warn level. For the life of me, I can't see why it's doing this..also, on some occasion, when a member is warned, their history shows the addition of the point, however their total doesn't reflect the correct amount. Am I missing something ? Actually - could it be to do with the fact we had the auto-decrease warn level on the board prior to the new install ? Maybe the new version conflicts with what the add on did to the warn table in the database ? EDIT - scratch that, just found a closed ticket as a confirmed issue fixed in 3.4 http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/manually-adjust-warning-points-current-warning-expires-r38807
  4. Hi There I'm upgrading from 3.1 to the latest version and have currently 800 subscribed members - will moving to this application, mean I lose their status' and details ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there - we've got over 60 full pages of reported items that my moderators would like to be to search. Can I request that a search for this is included in a future release ? Thanks.
  6. I'm all running smoothly, Books are being created, and after a little tinkering by the author, all is good. This is a brilliant mod when used in conjunction with Economy - any issues though, log a ticket with the author's support site - he is top notch at helping you out.
  7. Agh - cant seem to post events (using bookie and economy) - can create the event, but it wont display....
  8. Just trying to integrate this with economy mod - however, can you advise how I can alter odds on an event ? ie. Man U v West Ham - I want to put Man U as 8/11 and West Ham as 4/1. How would I go about it ? Cheers
  9. Since the upgrade, my users cannot access the forum via the IPB app. Is there a fix for this ?
  10. I'm waiting for Page 6 :D Seriously though, Matt says "Moderation features in 3.2" - well that' a mighty fine carrot you're dangling there... It would help though, if he at least gave a broad view of what he actually means by that, after all, all it could be is rolling everything currently there, into one drop down tab on the front end, which doesn't actually help.
  11. Some excellent points in this thread (and some not so constructive !) - so my own personal summarisation would be 1 When a Member is "Warned" - some form of report is either pinged into the Report Center, or, into a chosen forum 2 Warning that have an expiration date - so that they are in effect "rolling" ie +1 point for 90 days, which then subsequently falls off. 3 Some form of notification system for current and expired warnings I realise that points 1 & 2 are similar to what exist in vBulletin, however, they work well and can only add to ipb. It can't be that difficult surely, that once a Warn Increase is completed and the Submit button pressed, that the contents on the warn are sent to a special subforum, or, into the report centre ?
  12. Okay - follow up to the posts etc. As an interim solution, it would be great to have a report submitted every time a member is warned by a moderator - that way we can keep track of who, what and how often.
  13. Coming back to this... This quoted message above, is quite frankly, offensive. If that's how you run your board, I pity your members.
  14. On my forum, which is a football fans forum, we have an exceedingly high number of warnings that need to meted out to the more "robust" members. The admins and moderators are increasingly finding that the current Warning system in IPB is just not robust enough to be able to deal with multiple warnings, and/or warnings handed out to the same member (for instance). In vbulletin - there was the ability to have set "infraction" levels which were user set to expire after a set period of time, and could have varying levels of severity - from an increase to the naughtiness level, to a complete ban. IPB valiantly try to mimic this, but it falls way short of what is actually useable by a busy site, and indeed, by one who's mods and admins NEED to warn so frequently. We installed the auto decrease mod - but to be honest, it just makes things harder to track...warn logs as well, help, but are not overly helpful to the mods. The issue of tracking warns etc is taking up too much of my moderators time, and whilst they are trying to wade through previous infractions, more and more are building up, and some of the more serious issues are being neglected. My question is, and it's one that's been asked before - Do Invision plan on making a more robust system ? I can't (unfortunately) see us staying with ipb if there are no definite or concrete plans to introduce a system that can be easily understood, or, more applicable to a busy, robust, site. Apologies for the rant, but it's a lot "tamer" than that which I am getting from my mods ! Thanks !
  15. Just noticed that my Add to Whitelist, whilst looking like it's doing something, wouldn't appear to actually be doing anything :) Also - the whitelist report link doesn't seem to do anything either...
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