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  1. my orman.css doesnt have transparent :- .theme-orman.slider-wrapper { background:url(slider.png) no-repeat; width:722px; height:337px; margin:0 auto; padding-top:18px; position:relative; }
  2. this is how it starts with the missing background and will work fine scrolling through the articles click on the navigation arrows and the background appears but it works fine with Chrome and FF
  3. http://www.uk-alliance.com/index.php/test3
  4. the only problem I have now is on IE it removes my background image BUT if I click on the navigation arrows my background comes on ??/ it all works fine in Chrome and FF ???
  5. thanks for the quick reply do I do that within the block ??? I have changed mine to read:- <script type="text/javascript"> var EnkiduNoConflict = jQuery.noConflict(); EnkiduNoConflict(window).load(function() { EnkiduNoConflict('#slider').nivoSlider({effect: fade}); }); </script> but it doesnt seem to work ??? ***** Update ***** working now I cocked up with it should read 'fade' not fade
  6. I Have the same issue was this ever sorted ????
  7. Thanks for the mod it's working a treat, one question/query how do I change it from displaying the new members uername but displays a custom profile field instead? I tried replacing %member_name% with %custom profile field key% but with no joy ???
  8. n1cks21


    I am still having issues with this skin :sad: everything looks fine in the forums view but when I change to my home page (ipcontent) nothing lines up text is missing :sad: can anyone help please ?? forums view looks ok Home Page (ipcontent) it just doesnt line up, I have tried to alter parts with CSS files with some success but I cant make the missing text appear from the search bar ?? Nick
  9. n1cks21


    thanks a lot, yes I would like the complete styles_css if thats ok
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