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  1. Discord Integration

    Hello, what i about for customer who only want to use the bot feature and not the login handler at all. Our community is only interested on the bot feature integration . is this possible to achieve without the login handler? Thanks.
  2. Mike John - DevFuse

    Contacted Mike for a very particular modification that we needed in our forum regarding the donation system. Mike created all our requested modifications, and created a whole new profile field for us. He always replied in a very good time frame, and the price was very reasonable. Will use him again for sure.
  3. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    Is this project Still alive? im using version 1.3.2 and is blocking lot of real users from Stop Spammer Database.
  4. Reputation Profile Tab

    well it did upload the files from the zip file of ipboard this time.. and nop is not working , i will open a ticket thanks.
  5. Reputation Profile Tab

    o so you mean the zip file of the ipboard ,, i tought you refer the zip file of your hook XD. i will try that and i let you know.
  6. Reputation Profile Tab

    i did uploaded the files correctly and the upgraded did correclty , but i dont use the "like " system just reputation. with negative and positive. you can see my profile here http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum
  7. Reputation Profile Tab

    i have ereased the files you mentioned and still dont work. and about that ipb already included a similar thing , i dont know what "thing" you mean.. i cant see any where in the profile in wish topics i got my reps.
  8. Reputation Profile Tab

    i cant make to work this in board 3.3 the profile reputation tab is not working. thanks.
  9. Download: Shoutbox

    thanks for the add of the enable and disable of the "@" and the /me . Love it Thanks. XD Michael.
  10. Download: Shoutbox

    Michael. in the new version of is there any way to remove the @'s before the nickname.. I think is too ugly lol. i would like to remove this. if theres any way please advise me how. thanks.
  11. Download: Shoutbox

    Sorry for my late response, but yesterday was a long day in work... anyway yesterday night i was in the my forum and everything was perfect, also i was asking other users and they said the problem just gone away after what you did. Thanks so much Michael. Are you sure ur using the correct shoutbox for the correct IP.B .. remember there are two versions of the shoutbox the one for ip.board 3.2 and the one for board 3.1 here the link for board 3.1 http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/2285-shoutbox-31/ and here the link for board 3.2 http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4320-shoutbox-32/
  12. Download: Shoutbox

    i already send the information
  13. Download: Shoutbox

    Hello Michael. First let me thank you for your incredible work. i been using yout shoutbox since more then 3 years. thanks so much for this great feature. well is the first time that i post a feedback to your shoutbox. all i can say is... is the greatest feature ever. buttt I in this moments i have a problem. Last week i changed webhost after the change of the webhost the users were getting a really weird error. They were getting 0's followed by a blank space. and this only happens to users using Internet Explorer. a 0 appears everytime the shoutbox refresh. I already try to upgrade to the latest shoutbox for board 3.2 and the upgrade was succefull installed. but the users are still getting the 0's error. I already try to rebuild the cache but the problem persist. thanks.
  14. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    thanks for this tool. it's awesome , i will donate as soon i can , this has save me a lot of time XD thanks.
  15. Same here, i would love to have back this reputation syste, is cool to leave a little note at the time to give the rep. i would love to donate for a update xD