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    Thank you so much!!!!
  2. (NB40) Recent Topics/Posts

    I have the recent posts set to only show one post per topic and also set for it to go to the last read post. This is fine when someone logs in as it goes to the last unread post by that user. When you aren't logged in it defaults to the last post in the thread. Is there a way to have the option for it to default to the first post in the thread? Awesome app BTW. I purchased it awhile ago but the latest updates have made it great. I'll also echo a previous poster who suggest to make an option to only disable one of the tabs ie: only have recent posts or recent topics.
  3. I agree with this. I don't think my members should have to input their addresses if they are just using paypal to pay for a subscription. I have had users tell me that they were going to subscribe but did not want to give "me" their name and address. Not that they don't trust me they just don't think it's necessary and neither do I.
  4. When reply using the iPhone in full site mode the Quote is not showing the date and time. Is this a bug? Example Test