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  1. I enabled it when i tested it. Log is full of those from many moths Not currently needed?
  2. My system log is full of these What is that? If i run TASKs via URL, it gives that to browser.
  3. ^ " IPS4 has ALL NEW CONTENT as default. " No it doesnt.
  4. Google analytics code should be in just before < /head>-tag, not in bottom of page like it is now. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008080 This messes up stats. GA counts visitor visit time after GA code is loaded etc. Devs, see ticket #968773 if you wanna see example.
  5. Hello I have hided search from guests: https://hoitajat.net/ Now i cant remember how i did that. Is that ACP setting or theme edit?
  6. Owdy


    Nice, so how i ad that to subjects?
  7. Is it possible to use hyphenation in topic subjects, like in Drupal etc?
  8. Is embed Bugs fixed? Twitter, Facebook etc. Content Hidden in widescreens.
  9. Still locked. Can staff do something? I need to create ticket
  10. I cant drag and drop submenu items. Tested with Chrome, windows 10,
  11. What did i do? I cant login to client area
  12. It would be nice to disable bulk mail from these members
  13. Is there any tool to find out what members email adresses doesnt work anymore?
  14. In here. Client area, support. @Jim M
  15. Hello, can we have edit-button in support tickets? Atleast in replys
  16. http://hoitajat.net/hoitotyo/?rss=1 Theres only 1 article. How do i enable more?
  17. Please. I cant ban spämmers if i don see IP
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