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  1. I converted from SMF in January (after using it from 2003) and i have to say now that i dont have to look back. All money spent here is well worth it. It took couple of weeks to get used to, but now i love that admin panel etc. I also have issued many tickets and allways got exellent service. Those support people even hack database to fix things, so they really fix them, not just post links to tutorials etc. So thank you and keep up good work everyone :)
  2. Currently IPB sends email to admin if new users registers. However, i have set that first user has to validate his email adress, then admin aproval. Suggestion, dont send that email before user has valitaded his email adr. Before they do, i dont need to know if theres new registers, i only need that info after they have done their part.
  3. What this mod actually do? repair broken tables, optimize tables, what else?
  4. Yeah, $10.95 and its a mod.
  5. There are tons of features what arent enabled as default. If NBC doesnt need this, they dont have to enable it.
  6. Why this awesome BB system doesnt have Birthday Greeter feature? :)
  7. Feature request. I wanna allow my users to use facebook connect but i dont wanna allow new registerations with that. That just because there are some profile fields what are mandatory in registeration in my site and Facebook connect overrides them.
  8. How can i change those page number backgroundcolours? Id like to change current pages colour.
  9. +1 Do it like SMF does it, its great feature.
  10. Converting to IPB today, WOOT!

  11. Same feature what SMF has. You can create group where users can request to join. After that, admin or group moderators accept or deny that request.
  12. How about Show new replies to your own posts?
  13. Dang, i swaer i searched! :D THANKS! :D
  14. Best SMF function, IPB should have that feature too. Its shows all new posts since last visit. :)
  15. Subject says it. You should show those details to admins
  16. Why you dont have facebook page? There you can tell latest news ets all fans :)
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