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  1. Or Apache2 doesnt use that mod anymore. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showpost.php?p=6791944&postcount=2 So it doesnt matter do i enable or not this in ACP...
  2. No, i didnt upgrade, i installed 3.1 to my test server and installed my 3.0.x lang files to there.
  3. This tool founded only one missing string. Im sure there must be more of them? :D // This should be left alone define( 'DEFAULT_LANG_DIR', 'cache/lang_cache/1' ); // This is the one you might want to change define( 'CUSTOM_LANG_DIR', 'cache/lang_cache/2' ); 1. english 2. finnish edit: seems this tool isnt needed anymore? http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/309492-ipb-31-lang-files/page__view__findpost__p__1950083
  4. I read it, but it sayd i didnt need to change that 'cache/lang_cache/en' line, but there isnt any "en" folder anymore. Seems they are just numbers now, should work :)
  5. Can you upgrade this to IPB 3.1`:) There isnt cache/lang_cache/en anymore
  6. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/310012-php-extensions-that-minify-uses-to-gzip-the-content/
  7. I have own dedicated server. Just tel me what i need? :D
  8. Yes, now my main page loads like 0.0484 sec, one socond faster than any of my forum pages :) I dont use welcome block, but i have created online list, like"We have now xxx members online and we have xxx members registered. Those blocs i put one second cache.
  9. Hey, thanks for tip Brandon! There was stuff i can cache even with "*". It loads much faster now. Some of those says "Be careful caching plugins - they usually have content intended to be dynamic and specific to the viewer, and usually should not be cached.", like member count plugin wich shows how many users are in. I added 0,5 min cache to that.
  10. Google says : My front page is made with IP.Content and seems its slow as hell: IPB says that forum index loads 0.1479 sec, but google says it loads 2,5 seconds :D http://hoitajat.net/foorumi/
  11. Before site upgrade, that linked to file that person has contributed. It doesnt do that anymore.
  12. No i removed it of course because its not my photo. It was my photo before but someone or something changed it.
  13. What? I sayd that image isnt me, its totally unknown person to me.
  14. That isnt my photo. Who changed it?????
  15. Awesome, i can upgrade my them and lang files with this beta release :)
  16. Its twice in there, why? Should i change both? /* Turn off URL rewriting and prepend the correct folders */ $min_serveOptions['rewriteCssUris'] = false; $min_serveOptions['minifierOptions']['text/css']['prependRelativePath'] = str_replace( '//', '/', '/' . trim( $folders,'/' ) . '/' . $acpDir . '/skin_cp/' ); $min_serveOptions['encodeOutput'] = 0; } } $min_serveOptions['encodeOutput'] = 0;
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