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  1. It would be nice to have permissions by bioard like SMF has. Example i'd like to give my users permission to remove their topics in one board (board where tey buy and sell stuff) etc.
  2. It would be nice to have permissions by board, like SMF. Lets say i wanna give my users permission to remove their topics in one board only. Now i cant do that.
  3. Is there way to show one custom profile field in aproval screen? I have one custom profile field mandatory in registeration and it would be nice if it shows in that screen.
  4. Statistics Center > Topic View Statistics > Topic Views, that shows currently total topic views by forum, for topics started in the selected .date range. If i want to soo most popular topics by vies, i have to dig database: SELECT * FROM topics ORDER BY views DESC; Can you add that to stats center?
  5. IPB Rocks Hard! :D

  6. Cool thanks! Should i upgrade or am i good with that test file?
  7. Yes, sorrry. Copypaste error :D blog_dheader_hoitajat blog_dheader_master sphinx_blog_counter sphinx_calendar_counter
  8. Yes, now it shows only these: blog_dheader_hoitajat blog_dheader_master sphinx_blog_counter sphinx_calendar_ I dont use blog or calendar, so that is correct, right? :)
  9. Are these really unused if i use Spinhx search? http://imm.io/2CEs It also says some lang strings are unused, but i think these example came with latest upgrade: like_mod__change_noanon core_public_usercp like_mod__change_anon core_public_usercp like_mod__change_offline core_public_usercp like_mod__change_immediate core_public_usercp like_mod__change_nonotify core_public_usercp like_mod__change_donotify core_public_usercp like_mod__delete core_public_usercp like_mod__chose core_public_usercp like_notify_freq_weekly core_public_usercp like_notify_freq_daily core_public_usercp like_notify_freq_offline core_public_usercp like_notify_freq_immediate core_public_usercp etc.
  10. That worked for me: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/328097-how-to-update-lang-files/page__view__findpost__p__2057789
  11. Seems it doesnt do that anymore: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/328097-how-to-update-lang-files/
  12. Aa, okay. I see that only with english lang files, my own lang files isnt updated seems.
  13. I removed this mod, still i see this: http://imm.io/2BDQ How do i remove that?
  14. Lang string "Like", "Unlike" and "Set Favorite" are hard coded. First 2 are in lang files, but translations doesnt affect. 3th isnt even in lang files.
  15. I just answered your question about "Why exactly should it matter". Because its user friendly make shorter urls, just like bfarber sayd in blog post.
  16. Seems someone care about making urls more user friendly. That is EXACTLY same thing, so: could be:
  17. I agree, we need stats like this: http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?action=stats
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