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  1. Stats

    APC -> statistics. There are only forum posts and activity. Please add Article posts, comments etc in there.
  2. Hello. Can you please ad poster ip-feature to article comments? Cant ban spämmer now.
  3. Google analytics code should be in just before < /head>-tag, not in bottom of page like it is now. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008080 This messes up stats. GA counts visitor visit time after GA code is loaded etc. Devs, see ticket #968773 if you wanna see example.
  4. Coming Soon in 4.1.16

    Is embed Bugs fixed? Twitter, Facebook etc. Content Hidden in widescreens.
  5. edit button support area

    In here. Client area, support. @Jim M
  6. Hello, can we have edit-button in support tickets? Atleast in replys
  7. How do i do that with visitors?
  8. Please. I cant ban spämmers if i don see IP
  9. Coming soon in 4.1.10

    When you enable IP tracking to article comments? Cant ban spämmers.
  10. New Embed Options

    If i paste link, it doesnt ask anything. edit: if i disable Automatically embed links? , it works. Weird.
  11. 4.1 url shortening

    In 3.x , IPB shotred long urls automaticly. In 4.x, it doesnt do that. If i pasted www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvouisdybvcnbcbcvbcbcbcvbcbvcouyasbvcouysadbvouhsabvoliasdbolibdsauhdcbhbysbcksuybdckusdybcdkusdybkvuybskxduyzvbsdkuyvbksduz.org ipb showed it in post like www.swdfoausydbvfuaisybcoiuasybvo....org
  12. WhatsApp Share Link

    Installed latest version. I get server error if i click ACP -> site promotion -> sharing .> whatsapp -> edit edit: my bad, didnt upload new files.
  13. That feature has been broken since 4.0. If you use it with google ads, it doesnt work. When you going to fix it?