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  1. Receiving this error on this site and not sure how to fix it?
  2. I thought there was a mobile version am I incorrect?
  3. ISSUE-01 Went live with the skin and found that mobile on both iphone and ipad have the same problem whether in landscape or portrait that there is no way to access user profile/settings. see screen shot below from pc using firefox. Screen shot from ipad below in landscape Screen shot from iphone6 in landscape below ISSUE-02 The site home page is set up with two main columns, see screen shot below. Can all forums be setup to be the full width of the page eliminating the right side column? see screen shot below Really like the skin, thanks in advance for your help!
  4. while setting the News Ticker up I tried adding some text with code to have a hot link in the message, see below. Now the News Ticker will not work see screen shot below. The text is not center top to bottom and does not scroll, show up as image above once saved.
  5. I have looked all over 4.2 acp and cannot find it, only thing points me to forum settings an there is not an option
  6. Is there away to tell guest to sign up when they cannot post on a thread? right now guest receive the following: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3
  7. Just what I needed! Is there an easy way to add a "home" tab?
  8. I am having a issue with the site logo, it seems that it is responsive, it have a circle in the logo and no matter what size you make the screen it is moving with it. Logo is 600 wide, responsive should only affect it when the screen is small. Is there something that can be done about this? The logo has good resolution and looks washed out as well.
  9. Andy, I really need help with this, customers with paid ads cannot see their ads when they renew, please help ASAP.
  10. I am have the exact same issue, I have sent a PM with ACP/FTP access so you can look into, PLEASE help us out ASAP we have paying ads that are close to expiring.
  11. I have my ads set to run for 30 days, display 2 after expire and prune after 120 days, my first ads have expired. I was asked to add/accept the existing price, which I did and the system gave me an error and did not relist. When I go to the expired ad it does not give me the icon to renew now, any ideas why? Can the Powered by: Classifieds be removed? The ads show to be active but, will not appear in the classifieds section
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