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  1. Just bumping this because this is a feature I definitely would love.
  2. No, it allows you to set a custom sidebar for every page, but not the index one with all its features.
  3. There doesn't currently seem to be a mod that permits this and I think it would be a fine addition to the site if you were able to place the sidebar on every page. This doesn't have to be a compulsory option, you could turn it on and off, but I personally would love to see this!
  4. Not entirely sure what's changed in 3.3

  5. Just making a little test status :D

  6. Download: [AH30] Reputation 1.0.2

    Does anybody know how i change the icon image on the sidebar block? Currently there's three blocks using the little guy with a speech bubble and I'd like to change that :)
  7. I would love to see this implemented and find it odd how it's not configurable/optional as it is.
  8. Buying older versions?

    I was wondering if it was possible to buy one of the older versions of the IP Board. An odd request yes, but as a roleplayer what I'm looking for in a forum is vastly different from what most other people look for (namely ease of modification & much more simpler features + plus the skins for the 2. versions are nicer than the 3. versions) So, is there any way I can buy a license for one of the older forum softwares?