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  1. Hello, I had the older version of Club Enhancements and really liked it but I guess it doesn’t work on 4.4 so I’m guessing we are suppose to buy this new version (any discounts for anyone who bought the original version? ) Also I’ve been looking for a way when a member joins a club that they Auto Follow content for that club. A few people pointed towards Club Enhancements but I’m not seeing that feature listed. Like Prago.. “is it in thar”? Or is this just a wish list for this application? Thanks...
  2. Not able to install for some reason. Just purchased, tried to install and I get this
  3. This would be ideal add's to the existing great Clubs mod. Of course several companies don't like the word "Club" to be used which I know we can update the language settings which I need to look into all the different places it would need to updated. BACK to the matter at hand. I like the OPEN club to have an option to only allow teasers unless you are a member of the club. Not mandatory but how many people just cruise through your site, steal information and post it on their own site. It's hard to build a community when you get the info stealers and not a community of like minded people working together to build a great community. After reading the suggestions I still believe having permissions inside a club would help a ton with keeping one club for everyone and just some elevated permissions for stuff that possibly shouldn't be available to all members of the group/club. At minimum you could just have permissions based on the existing roles (leader, moderator, member).. maybe it would be less coding.
    The upgrade to 1.3.0 are so nice. LOVE LOVE the ability to have projects in the clubs. My only complaint from users is they are looking for a menu items called Projects.. I'm trying to train them to know that projects for our site is Stratagem but its an uphill battle. Would be great if we could rename the menu item but leave the copyright/branding in place but seriously, great job with this release. So far so good.
  4. DJ ZAh

    Ahmed Zayed

    I have had the privlege of working with Ahmed on upgrading and improving our Application to be compatible with 4.x and its really been a great experience. Very precise and also is focused on quality. Very happy I chose Ahmed for our project and if you need a complex application or a migration then I do recommend Ahmed without hesitation.
  5. Yea, sometimes you need to generate a PDF for archive purposes or share with others via change control etc. Its static content versus a link to a site which the instructions / doco could change at anytime. Change Control seems to prefer a PDF attached to a change. i personally like to store all my hard work with creating doco, on my site instead of a doco that will get lost over time. BUT its just me I guess
  6. Thank you opentype.. would you happen to know what the fields names are or point me to how to figure it out so I can customize the print functionality using your example? Example of the major ones that are annoying when printing: header: #ipsLayout_header {display:none; } sidebar: #ipsLayout_sidebar { display:none; } there is some sort of giant picture at the beginning of blog (useless space when printed) the Follow is shown on a printed page (again, not sure you would want that printed) Entry Actions and Report Entry are links that are not useful when on paper Share buttons after the post doesn't look very professional on a print Also comments (sometimes is great but if there are no comments I would prefer to just not include them) Unread Content and Mark site as read are links that are not valuable when printed Contact Us (difficult to do when that is the only thing they can see on a printed page... they can't click it) Thanks again for any suggestions or help to further improve printing the hard work. Would be great to limit printing or copying from website unless you are either a member of a group or at minimum at least logged in.
  7. Way back in the day (many years ago) an issue I discovered when migrating from Joomla and Wordpress is that IPB doesn't offer a printable format for Articles, Blogs and Topics like every other CMS does. I asked for anyone to create this functionality and yet here we are in 2019 and still this feature doesn't seem possible. When we click File Print on our Browser it shows Menus, sidebars and everything you don't want to see. The ideal scenario is that we are able to store articles on our site and when we need to we can print it out on paper or print to PDF. PLEASE support/offer printable format.
  8. It seems simple but it doesn't exist currently. When I highlight text and click the link button it would be great if you had the choices Open in same window (default) Open in new tab Open in new window This would be great for those articles that reference other posts or articles (possibly on other sites). You don't want your users to leave, you just want them to possibly look somewhere else for reference purposes.
  9. I love the clubs.. it makes organizing our site so much nicer and more focused but what the clubs are lacking is two things from my standpoint. Permissions and Teasers for Open OPEN club I believe it would be great if you could offer a setting to only allow teasers unless you are a member of the club. This would intice more people to join the club if they are interested in seeing more. Would be great, somehow, if the contents could still be used to bring people to that post based on a search... if they want to see everything, they should have to become a member. PERMISSIONS in a club. As it is now, if you are a member of the club you can see everything anyone else in the club can see. I would love to be able to put restricted topics, files, etc.. that still are relevant to the club but maybe only moderators of the club. So I suppose a club could have different levels of membership.. Owner, Moderator, Club Member... and you could set permissions to areas in the club based on those club membership levels. Even password protect stuff would be really nice. Otherwise. Love it! If I could be greedy I would love more flexibility with the forums in clubs instead of creating a topic and having to put all posts in there. I would rather have forums and then as many topics under that as you want but that's probably just me. I like trying to keep my menu clean... oooh, maybe click on forums and then that expands all the subtopics under that in the menu 🙂
  10. Disregard, kept deleting and recreating and all is good. I think I had to create a category that is generic (outside of the club) and once I had that category, I could create usable categories within clubs. Anyhow, just wanted you to know I got it working and I believe by creating a category under Links Directory.
  11. Thanks. I deleted the category and within a club I created a new category and tried and still same issue. As soon as I click Submit the first link I get this error message Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C137/3 Appears to be specific to links in Clubs only. Creating a link outside the club seems to work just fine. What am I missing that would be causing the ability to not create links in clubs?
  12. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but no one can post links and its because the permission settings won't save. ACP - Members - Groups Click the Lock button Click on the Links Directory Tab Make sure all six are checked Click Save, then I go back in and Add Links, Comment, Review Links and Bypass Moderation are not checked anymore. No matter what group I try and add these permissions, the changes just won't save. Any ideas for me to look at?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work well for me. Hoping one day they bring back the print option. Its great for making website a document hub (wiki). If you can't print the articles cleanly (with logo) then its a lot of work for sad results.
  14. I very very very much wish I had the ability to print. Whether its articles or blog I would love to use logo and then the context (no menu, no footer, no sidebar, nothing just logo, context and maybe copyright info... of course page numbers would be cool). Would be awesome for creating books online, instructions, etc.
  15. I vote for this option as well. Clubs are so nice that its now becoming the norm which means it would be great to add a category to a club (or drop down preapproved selection of categories someone could assign to there club). Which means filter by category would be nice. Add different tabs or menu items under Clubs for different categories. Maybe if you click on Clubs you see all clubs but if you could create other menu items for categories that would be awesome.
  16. Would be great if you could provide the ability to see the Venue's on a map (like the clubs show up on a map). Possibly list events (future, past) that are happening at Venues. Include Images/Gallery from the Venue and obviously the ability to do review (rate the Venue)
  17. Mike, anyway I could get a demo of the Forms App? I'm looking for two functions Replace PDF form we use for Registration people fill out at the box office. I would like to put necessary graphics and text and form fields and hand customer/patron an iPad so they can fill out the form. Form must include the ability to utilize the camera app to take a picture and embed in form. Then export form as a PDF and/or email and be searchable in the event of an issue we could sort by one of the fields. Simple Resume submitting form that utilizes the ability to set different fields based on what you pick (or I have to create a bunch of different forms with really similar information). So if they pick Tampa as the office then it will have different dates for the events versus Michigan, etc.. Let me know thoughts or if its possible. Obviously in all cases I want the results to be stored securly and based on group membership (managers / owners) to access results based on a field (for example my managers in Tampa would want to review resume's for tampa.. michigan manager doesn't care) Thanks,
  18. It worked Jim but I still think it would be nice to be able to share albums if you chose to do so from a front-end user side since the only one that can create shareable sub-categories is the admin.
  19. Thanks Jim M, going to give it a shot.
  20. We dedicate a lot of time to making technical images and it stinks when you see your images showing up elsewhere on the internet. It would be great if you could restrict right clicking on image and downloading, especially to guests. Possibly allowing only downloading an image to a set group by clicking a download button or menu option, not right clicking.
  21. It sure would be nice if I could share an album (allowing others to post to the same album). For example we may have a category called Tech then an Album called F5 and many users would like to share there F5 pictures but currently they have to create a separate album instead of all uploading to the same album. Seem's silly.
  22. Do you know if this skin is mobile friendly? Also does it work well with IPB.Garage?
  23. IPS is a very strong and powerful system with the ability to add whatever it is you want but the search feature feels like its still at beta version 1. Most every website you go to you type in keyword and press enter and results are displayed and in the results it will show you where it was found without clicking anything. Just like google. The IPB search will search where you are and if you click on other items you may or may not see results there but your hunting for results which is really a pain in the butt. I moved from Joomla to IPB many years ago but that was one thing they had down. You could limit your search to certain categories (or apps) if you wanted but by default a search would search your entire site and display the results. You could filter results by app, category, date, popular, rating, etc. Please don't mistake my love for the system as ill because I love IPS and will never leave it and I use every application you offer and if I am to file one complaint about the system it is the search feature needs help. Make it like other websites (Joomla, Google, Drupal, etc). Thanks for reading this and possibly considering.
  24. Anyone know why you can't search for an IP Address found in your forum? We run a technical website and IP Addresses are used in the subject and or title and it would be very helpful to be able to search for the full or even partial IP address. example: 10.60.144. or Thank You for any help.
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