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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I can see your point but it probably depends on how people use Links. For the clubs I'm using it more like Bookmarks so they know what they are looking for versus a community where everyone is submitting a bunch of links where you would want to latest at the top. So I suppose its personal preference for how I'm using Links in the clubs to have it a-z and use Activity for the latest links or even a Custom Block that shows latest links/comments/reviews in the club for those links. That would be cool. Then you get the best of both worlds. 🙂
  2. Good Morning Adriano.. curious if the new version (when it gets approved and posted) will it have the ability to have a default sort for the links? I have links in my clubs (which is very cool thank you) and I would like to default to Alphabetical order versus newest link first but it currently doesn't appear possible. So when someone clicks on links they get a jumbled mess instead of a clean a-z view. Just curious and if its not coming, hopefully a suggestion for a future version would make my life way easier.
  3. Hey Adriano.. I know you are super busy updating all your excellent apps (which I believe I have many of them). Do you know when this error is expected to be fixed when clicking on Tools and Refresh Thumbnails. Running PHP 7.4, latest version of LD and IPB is at
  4. I see there is an update and would like to apply it but it says I have to buy it again instead of just renewing it. Anyway to fix this?
  5. What version will the app be at that should include the 4.6 fix? I'm currently running 2.0.1 and get the SQL error. I check for updates in marketplace a couple times a week.
  6. I use Stratagem for Project Management and its pretty darn strong for an app. Been very happy with it and they are always developing/improving it.
  7. Thanks for the info.. I only see three choices as shown below but can try a pay plan on the two bottom ones that appear to offer a pay plan and you enter your api info. Miniature.io offers a pay plan but in the settings, you don't have a way to link your paid account to your local instance.
  8. Did someone say it takes two weeks for us consumers to see the updates you submitted to marketplace? Also.. I'm confused "Regarding the provider, choose another." Are you referencing to use the minature.io vs screenshotmachine? I only tried something different since minature.io wasn't pulling images. trying to do my own troubleshooting and obviously failing at it. I'll keep trying
  9. I have the same results if it helps and I tried Screenshotmachine
  10. Disabled the Improved Clubs Enhancements (2.0.1) so when accessing the clubs I don't get the error I'm back up at the moment. Once the update is released, I'll re-enable the application and update. THANK You.. was getting worried you weren't supporting the application anymore since the domain advertised on the app is parked (bbcode.it).. very happy to see you are still supporting it.
  11. I have been using S3 (Amazon) and have been looking at GCP simply because I'm interested in comparing. I'll never go to Microsoft's Azure.. they haven't been reliable since they moved from Windows 3.1
  12. I totally agree with if you are a member of a club and that club has a blog and the leader allows a member to add to the blog then it should be allowed. Its weird that a member of a club is so limited and there is no way currently to give them any permissions to do anything. So really a member is a guest. On an open club whats the difference of a member and a guest? They both don't have permissions to do crap in a club. Anyhow.. please make it possible for the leader of a club to allow members to have permission to add to a blog. Its suppose to be a community after all.
  13. I would also help with the contributions for podcast manager.. me 2, me 2..
  14. DJ ZAh


    I appreciate it. Let me reach out. Would be cool if you sold this app. I'm sure it would sell more now a days than ever before. It seems its pretty big demand for podcasting a vlogging and it doesn't seem very difficult. Biggest piece is to have a decent player on the site (which you already have) and the ability to store files and then RSS feeds for playlists. So close... 🙂. Thanks again, I'll reach out Joey_M
  15. DJ ZAh


    Yea I thought that but was really hoping.. crazy to think no one sells an app for Invision Community for podcast since its increased by 175% in one year. Also its a way to make some money. Just really need a playlist that we can have an RSS feed on. You upload your MP3 to the playlist and the RSS feed is attached to Apply Music or Spotify and BOOM! Seem's simple but must not be if no one has done it yet on Invision, just Wordpress sites for some reason. Thanks Adriano anyways
  16. DJ ZAh


    He Adriano.. I love the apps your create and am hoping this app will do what I need it to but without a demo I can't tell. My goal is to do podcasts from my server so need the ability to upload mp3's and have RSS feeds. I might be able to get around alot if I can just upload the podcast mp3 to a blog post or forum topic or a page and it show the player automatically since I believe those will support RSS feeds. Can I make your app work for my needs do you think?
  17. The default theme is so limited and none of the developer themes appear to offer anything close (that I could tell) to what you have on your site which is what sold me on Invision Community for appearance. Are we able to get the theme that Invision uses which is way more capable? Thanks, a very very long time member of Invision Community
  18. Would love to be kept in the loop. Now running of Invision but under Community Enhancements, no Zapier yet however if you go to Zapier and search for Invision it does show up and if you click on Connect it needs the API key which isn't available yet since the Zapier enhancement isn't yet available on Invision Community. <bummer dude>
  19. Could someone help me figure out how I can go about exporting existing records from a database in pages from one site and import those records to the same database at the new site? I really don't want to re-create each record manually.. which I have done before and it totally sucks and takes a ton of time. Seems like there must be a way. I exported the database from site1 and imported database.xml to site2 which doesn't include records but includes everything those records should need (I believe). I just don't know how to get the records over. Thanks in advance for any guidance
  20. Thanks Sonya for trying to make this new "feature" easier to accept. I'm very surprised it was implemented the way it was. I'm sure many of us see this as an admin nightmare. Blog Categories will now consist of upper and lower case combinations of the same word or abbreviated versions (Tech or tech or Tek or Technology or technology). I really think they should let the Admin restrict the Blog Categories with a possibility of submitting a new category for review by users if none of the already approved categories don't work. Would be nice if we had the option to either A. Restrict the use of this feature B. Disable the Blog Category feature all together.
  21. But when I create a new entry in any Blog I have no option for General.. I only have option to Create New Category. Is this a bug, or an issue I should open with Support or is it a simple configuration setting somewhere.
  22. Difficult figuring out this new Blog Category. What happens to existing Blogs prior to the install of 4.5.2? I created categories in ACP and even assigned a Blog to the new category but when you try and post in blog it still says to create a new category. Would be nice, as the admin of the site, to create/limit the parent Blog Categories and make them GLOBAL (meaning available to all Blogs as the dropdown list). If a user wants to create a new blog category they would select which parent to put it under which I believe would help reduce spammers or getting blog categories called dkl$#2( <--just garbage. Currently it appears for every Blog I have I have to create new categories. If I have a GLOBAL blog category called General I have to create General Blog Category under every Blog. Seems redundant/wrong Maybe something like this?
  23. Thanks.. Front-end Commerce for non-staff is what the Commerce Application needs. Its very outdated and not very friendly and Invision Community is suppose to be about the community, not just staff. But I know, they haven't done it yet and probably won't in the future so look for another solution which sucks because I love Invision Community.
  24. It would be great if all the club owners could host there own store with there own payment options and own delivery etc.. EXAMPLE: let's say I have a website for farmers to sell produce (focusing on the local farmer) and each club is actually a farm and in each club/farm they would be able to post there own products, delivery options, payment options. Then based on the features clubs already provides (showing farms nearest you), you could possibly find farms that might offer local pickup or delivery. Seems so easy in my head but I know this is probably very complicated and not realistic. My thought behind clubs is to allow someone to start a club and basically host there own site on your website. So why not offer store/commerce options also.
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