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  1. Thanks Sonya for trying to make this new "feature" easier to accept. I'm very surprised it was implemented the way it was. I'm sure many of us see this as an admin nightmare. Blog Categories will now consist of upper and lower case combinations of the same word or abbreviated versions (Tech or tech or Tek or Technology or technology). I really think they should let the Admin restrict the Blog Categories with a possibility of submitting a new category for review by users if none of the already approved categories don't work. Would be nice if we had the option to either A. Restr
  2. But when I create a new entry in any Blog I have no option for General.. I only have option to Create New Category. Is this a bug, or an issue I should open with Support or is it a simple configuration setting somewhere.
  3. Difficult figuring out this new Blog Category. What happens to existing Blogs prior to the install of 4.5.2? I created categories in ACP and even assigned a Blog to the new category but when you try and post in blog it still says to create a new category. Would be nice, as the admin of the site, to create/limit the parent Blog Categories and make them GLOBAL (meaning available to all Blogs as the dropdown list). If a user wants to create a new blog category they would select which parent to put it under which I believe would help reduce spammers or getting blog categories called dkl$#2
  4. Thanks.. Front-end Commerce for non-staff is what the Commerce Application needs. Its very outdated and not very friendly and Invision Community is suppose to be about the community, not just staff. But I know, they haven't done it yet and probably won't in the future so look for another solution which sucks because I love Invision Community.
  5. It would be great if all the club owners could host there own store with there own payment options and own delivery etc.. EXAMPLE: let's say I have a website for farmers to sell produce (focusing on the local farmer) and each club is actually a farm and in each club/farm they would be able to post there own products, delivery options, payment options. Then based on the features clubs already provides (showing farms nearest you), you could possibly find farms that might offer local pickup or delivery. Seems so easy in my head but I know this is probably very complicated and
  6. Sorry to bug you but I just saw a response earlier that says your quiz can't be mixed with one answer and multiple answers on the same quiz. That seems odd so wanted to confirm that your quiz has to be defined up front if your answers are going to be only one answer type of quiz or a quiz that is multiple answers? Thanks again Nevermind.. I tried to delete this comment after I saw you just have to check what answer types are allowed in QUIZ
  7. WOW, you really did quite an awesome job on this application from the preview. Are you able to add video and audio files and then ask questions based on what they seen or heard? --note: would be great if they weren't able to play the audio/video more than 1 time. Can you set it up so the tester doesn't see the answers in the results or anywhere? Obviously if they got the answer wrong they need to study and retake the test. Thanks again for your hard work on this application
  8. Hello, I had the older version of Club Enhancements and really liked it but I guess it doesn’t work on 4.4 so I’m guessing we are suppose to buy this new version (any discounts for anyone who bought the original version? ) Also I’ve been looking for a way when a member joins a club that they Auto Follow content for that club. A few people pointed towards Club Enhancements but I’m not seeing that feature listed. Like Prago.. “is it in thar”? Or is this just a wish list for this application? Thanks...
  9. Not able to install for some reason. Just purchased, tried to install and I get this
  10. This would be ideal add's to the existing great Clubs mod. Of course several companies don't like the word "Club" to be used which I know we can update the language settings which I need to look into all the different places it would need to updated. BACK to the matter at hand. I like the OPEN club to have an option to only allow teasers unless you are a member of the club. Not mandatory but how many people just cruise through your site, steal information and post it on their own site. It's hard to build a community when you get the info stealers and not a community of like minded
    The upgrade to 1.3.0 are so nice. LOVE LOVE the ability to have projects in the clubs. My only complaint from users is they are looking for a menu items called Projects.. I'm trying to train them to know that projects for our site is Stratagem but its an uphill battle. Would be great if we could rename the menu item but leave the copyright/branding in place but seriously, great job with this release. So far so good.
  11. I have had the privlege of working with Ahmed on upgrading and improving our Application to be compatible with 4.x and its really been a great experience. Very precise and also is focused on quality. Very happy I chose Ahmed for our project and if you need a complex application or a migration then I do recommend Ahmed without hesitation.
  12. Yea, sometimes you need to generate a PDF for archive purposes or share with others via change control etc. Its static content versus a link to a site which the instructions / doco could change at anytime. Change Control seems to prefer a PDF attached to a change. i personally like to store all my hard work with creating doco, on my site instead of a doco that will get lost over time. BUT its just me I guess
  13. Thank you opentype.. would you happen to know what the fields names are or point me to how to figure it out so I can customize the print functionality using your example? Example of the major ones that are annoying when printing: header: #ipsLayout_header {display:none; } sidebar: #ipsLayout_sidebar { display:none; } there is some sort of giant picture at the beginning of blog (useless space when printed) the Follow is shown on a printed page (again, not sure you would want that printed) Entry Actions and Report Entry are links that are not useful when on pa
  14. Way back in the day (many years ago) an issue I discovered when migrating from Joomla and Wordpress is that IPB doesn't offer a printable format for Articles, Blogs and Topics like every other CMS does. I asked for anyone to create this functionality and yet here we are in 2019 and still this feature doesn't seem possible. When we click File Print on our Browser it shows Menus, sidebars and everything you don't want to see. The ideal scenario is that we are able to store articles on our site and when we need to we can print it out on paper or print to PDF. PLEASE support/offer prin
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