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  1. Do links with commas work?

    What Wolfie said ^^
  2. The best PHP editor for a beginner?

    I use TextMate for pretty much everything - html/css/ruby/php
  3. Do links with commas work?

    Personally, I think the above should parse as a link. Most people know (or should be pushed towards learning) that links need a space before and after. We have to determine what 'most' people do, and from my experience, I would say most people simply paste a url into their post - a tiny fraction use the URL bbcode or click on 'link' and add it that way. :)
  4. Mobile Skin Now Online

    Nice work Team :)
  5. Improving the Improved Notifications

    It's one of the widely overlooked rules of web usability. And that's that you should let your user perform whatever task they are trying to perform, or find whatever information they are looking for, in as few clicks as possible. For people who spend a lot of time on a forum, having to make unnecessary clicks to get to where they want will just annoy and frustrate them. I thought you had a usability guy here on the IPB team? He/she should be able to confirm this.
  6. Improving the Improved Notifications

    I posted this in the blog but will repost here too - it's a bit early to judge it properly yet tho. And here's my original feedback some of which you've mentioned in your post too:
  7. IP.Board 3.1: Notifications (Updated)

    Some nice alterations there Brandon - will need to see it in the flesh to judge properly tho. However a couple of points: I don't think notifications should be marked read just on viewing the menu - as if users click on an item from it and then they'll lose what else is new :/ Would be better if each is marked as read as and when they view whatever it is the notification is about. Also, do the links in this menu-notification go to the actual thing being notified or go to the notifications page? They should go to the actual item - not another page which you then have to click again to get to where you want. (Or maybe have a link to both: 'view notification' and 'go straight to quoted post' etc). The idea is to have as few clicks as possible to get to where you want. Edited to add: Also, I think the green PM's notification should now be dropped and incorporated into the new notifications system. Look forward to seeing it when it goes live here!
  8. IP.Chat 1.1 Dev Update

    Are there any plans to offer a self-hosted package like the other add-ons? I would consider it if that were the case.
  9. I agree, in this instance first post should always remain as the first post.
  10. For any forum where questions are asked then yes, I would say people will very likely want a quick way to find the 'best' (best rated) answer quickly and easily without having to trawl through hundreds of posts. I would say the same is true for discussions where sometimes, posts can run into thousands. For some it may be curiosity, but for most I would think they want the best answer fast.
  11. There are already sorting options for viewing a thread with posts with X amount of points etc, however I feel it is missing the most important one, sort posts by number of points - so the most recommended posts are shown after the first post in descending order. This way someone can quickly find the 'best answer' to whatever was asked in the first post.
  12. 3.1 Feedback

    Does anyone else thing it would be worth tying in replies to threads you are watching into notifications? The first thing I do after refreshing the page is see if there's a new reply to any of the threads I am watching. I can see how it would be useful for other people too.
  13. 3.1 Feedback

    That's good to know. I think the notification system is a potential killer feature :thumbsup:
  14. 3.1 Feedback

    Are notifications still getting worked on guys? I'm still finding them a bit unintuitive tbh :-/
  15. (I love how they're having so much fun doing it - it's infectious!)