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  1. Super News Feed

    Is this product still supported?
  2. Super News Feed

    Hi Headstand. I have just upgraded and am getting the error "Error: Could not load template 'formatForum' from group 'supernewsfeed' in my sidebar. Any ideas Thanks
  3. I'm not sure this is the right forum to post this in so feel free to move it if it's not. A few months back I enabled Facebook and Twitter connect. Since then I have been getting more and more member signups this way. My problem is that with my normal member signups I have field (recieve admin emails) selected and I inform new members that this will be the way I will contact them about new lessons etc. Most new members leave this selected and I am able to contact them this way. However Facebook connect doesn't have this and since there is no way that I can see that I can contact them using the facebook connect app, they are more than likely never to return to my site again. I know that there is an option on some sites that I have joined using facebook connect (not IPB sites) where there is an option to enable the admins on the site to contact me using my email but the IPB facebook connect doesn't have this. I am at the stage where I think I might disable facebook connect as I think it's possible I am losing sales because of my inabilty to contact my facebook connect members. Does anyone have any advice on what can be done about this as I see it as a big problem with getting members to return to my site after they have initailly joined up. Thanks Clancy
  4. Download: ProMenu Basic

    Ok, will look out fot it. Clancy
  5. Download: ProMenu Basic

    Hi Robert, Does this upgrade include group permissions or are permissions still based on member sets? Thanks Clancy
  6. Download: ProMenu Basic

    I'm jumping now. Can't wait for it! Thanks!
  7. Download: ProMenu Basic

    Hi Robert, I love the look of this (I'm currently using Fusion Menu) - just one question, is there any way to use it so that certain menus show for usergroups rather that member sets? Thanks Clancy
  8. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Navigation Bar

    Looks nice, can't wait!
  9. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: New Toys

    A currently viewing block, that's great news! I've been wanting this for a while now.
  10. Hi Enkidu, Just wondering, is there a way to have it not show on a certain IP.Content page? Thanks Clancy
  11. I love it, Thanks! I have one suggestion. I'd like to see an option to have it show if the member has yet to post. There used to be a great mod for this at vBulletin and having a message encouraging new members to post really worked well. Thanks again, Clancy
  12. Super News Feed

    I upgraded and yes all seems to be working now Headstand. Good job! I just have one more question. Now when the statuses are updated, it actually says what the status is. Should it not just say that the status has been updated? Thanks for your time, Clancy
  13. Super News Feed

    It wasn't updates that were entered beforehand. I know those wouldn't change. I have upgraded and the upgrade went through without a hitch, however, I am having the same issues with the comments on statuses. They still show as "membername has commented on 's status" Also, now the status updates are showing but all that is showing is a full stop.