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  1. Download: Shoutbox

    How do I remove the shoutbox link from the navbar?
  2. Download: IPB Skin Fenix 3.2.x

    Gorgeous skin....just having a small problem with it....It's showing up with two forums buttons and two members buttons...one of the buttons seems to be in russian? Screenshot:
  3. Download: (WOODEN) IP.Content Portal Page

    Great mod! Well worth the money. Only issues I'm having is, I'm editing the navigation bar and the Mission Statement...only issue is, they aren't changing. So I'm a little confused by that. Also, I would like to change the latest topics a little. I've attached the picture below but, the part that says third attack planned against sony, I want the latest topics below it to have that border rather than no border whatsoever....any idea how to do so?
  4. Download: IPB Skin Carinae 3.2.x

    Nice...but how do I remove the highlighted subforums on the board index? I don't want them highlighted.
  5. Download: Shoutbox

    I hope this is a good place to ask this bud. If not let me know where to go to ask. First off, amazing app. Been using it since day one of our website. But...after upgrading to 3.2...I'd like to not have the Shoutbox Link in our Navbar, do you have a setting in the admin cp or am I going to be removing it from the code itself? Thanks for your time
  6. Download: Bouncy Mail

    Okay, after reading through two pages, I've got a few questions I haven't seemed to see here. I've installed it and done everything to par as per the instructions. I try to click the Bouncy Mail in the My Apps section....and nothing happens. It pretty much just refreshes the home dashboard for the admin cp. Once I try to access it on the homepage, it says "We're sorry. Bouncy Mail isn't accepting registrations." What's up with those? I would totally love to use this app.