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  1. Download: Shoutbox

    To be sure I re-installed the application! Now, everything is perfect! Thank you one more time for your help AndyF!!!! vasilis
  2. Download: Shoutbox

    Thereis no option Hook to Enable.... Can it be a matter of bad installation? How can I uninstall and install the application again?
  3. Download: Shoutbox

    Hi, I installed shoutbox and it is horizontal. How can i put it at the sidebar? I haveinstalled the latest version thanks
  4. thumbnail on facebook share

    my pleasure... if we can help, why not?
  5. thumbnail on facebook share

    the answer is here http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/317037-while-sharing-images-on-facebook/
  6. Hi everyone! my question is about IP. GALLERY. i read that if you want you can put over the photos a watermark. when you choose this option through the control panel it means that all the photos will have this watermark? It is not an option of the member of the community if he will use this option for his photo? Some members, maybe, want it but some others not. So, if you choose this option through the control panel then all the photos will have this watermark or it is an option of the member if he will use it. thank you for your time!!! vasilis

    Thank you all for your replies!!! p.s. yes the title is not right!! could someone fix it of the mod? the right should be IP. Gallery and not IP. PHOTO GALLERY

    Hi, My question is about IP. PHOTO GALLERY when a member uploads a photo is there the option from the ACP this photo to be delayed until to be aproved from an administrator? I am asking this because i do not want everyone to upload what ever he wants and finally the gallery to become full of rubbish. I would like the photos to be first aproved from an administrator and then to be visible from the rest of the community. is there this capability? thank you for your replies vasilis
  9. Good morning to everyone! i have already set up Ip Board 3.0.5. i have downloaded Ip Board 3.1. but i am not thinking to set up it. I WILL BE WAITING for Ip. Board 3.1.1. I am thinking of buing and setting up Ip Photo Gallery the last version. Do you think that i will have problem to set up Photo Gallery because i do not have Ip. Board 3.1? it would be better first to set up 3.1.1. when it will be ready and later to set up the photo gallery? thank you for your replies! vasilis p.s. no thoughts to set up 3.1. I want to avoid the small problems and i will be waiting for 3.1.1.
  10. Where is Macedonia?

    reading from the link that our friend added: It became a member of the United Nations in 1993, but as a result of a dispute with Greece over its name, it was admitted under the provisional reference of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,[3][4] sometimes abbreviated as FYROM. So, please add to the list the official name that the United Nation recognise - FYROM.
  11. Where is Macedonia?

    I am sorry about this dialogue I believe that in this forum we dont create politician crisis. I am from Greece and i would like to inform the people of this forum that there is a political problem with this country. I am not going to say all my historical and official documentaries because i am sure that we will start a conversation without end. For this reason, i am suggesting to the owners of this forum to add to the list the name that European community uses for this new country until the day that we will have a solution to the name that will be rocognised from everyone. Dear friend, of course you will be a hero in your country but i dont know if these 2-3 lines of words that you wrote can erase the history. Here we are trying to connect communities and do not seperate them! I am sure that the history will give the right solution to this political problem. With respect from a friend from Greece vasilis