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  1. WordPress IPSConnect

    Is there a way for me to access the page from the files or do I have to uninstall this since I can't log into my WP ACP at this time?
  2. WordPress IPSConnect

    I have a quick question, I had to change my site structure and I changed my forum from a subfolder to the root directory and changed my subfolder wordpress file name and had to changed both sites links. Do I need to change anything with the bridge? I'm having issues logging in right now.
  3. WordPress IPSConnect

    reuploading the files fixed the issue, as for the CSS problem I have not been able to fix it. I've edited the code and got help from the theme maker and we can't make it show up on my site.
  4. WordPress IPSConnect

    actually the issue might be bigger than that, I get a 404 error when I click on any of the links under 'recent topics' and when I check the debug screen it says fail for fetchForums. http://gamingforce.us/
  5. WordPress IPSConnect

    I have a quick question on the 'Recent Topics' feature. On my wordpress it displays everything right but the link to the topic is the same color of my theme background making it invisible unless highlighted. I'm wondering where I might find the line of code that would affect the links color so I can get it changed.
  6. WordPress IPSConnect

    Just posting to let you know that update fixed the posting sync issue. thanks for fixing it so quickly.
  7. [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    Quick question, where can I edit what the block says on the front page? I noticed this the other day: "Right now they appear offline but we have seen him at this site around 25 minutes ago." I recently awarded a female motm, and that wouldn't work out as him should say them or the user.
  8. 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP

    So if I read this right, the update to the skin system will make it so that when there is a IPB software upgrade, our skins won't become broken and need to be updated as much by the maker?
  9. Migrate from JCINK to IPB?

    I did not host my site on IPB hosting, I use a external hosting service like hostgator, godaddy, ect. So I really can't answer 1. 2. Once you buy the license, on the main IPB website there is a area called client area where you can ask for support, get latest updates, ect. 3. IPB offers their hosting which sounds like you want to do, but I used a different hosting but there both the samething when it comes to 'Import your single .sql backup file into a new database on your new webhost'.
  10. Migrate from JCINK to IPB?

    I can confirm it's possible to transfer from jcink as I've done it myself (you can see my once hosted jcink site in my sig link) as you can see here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Pretty much do everything there and open a support ticket and the IPB install team should be able to do the rest. If I remember right there was a few problems with the upgrade but nothing major. I wish you luck.
  11. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Well that's what I get for working on this in 1 in the morning instead of sleeping. Thanks, and the message is old that I keep forgetting to remove.
  12. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Hello, I just updated to the recent version of this mod and upon doing so and updating my settings my categories and links vanished. The stats and ACP still say they are there but it doesn't show. The permissions is set right and I've cached from both the mod and skin tools. Nothing works. my IPB is 3.4.3.
  13. ProMenu Plus

    ProMenu v3.0.5
  14. ProMenu Plus

    I recently moved hosts and I'm getting this: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hooks/promenuFM_3f3d8546f6d64b6d7f17f195fa1acf79.php on line 227 I get it when I change board permissions.
  15. (e34) Points Per Name Style

    also the mod is causing this problem (the names not showing up to the right.) when one searches topics or is viewing things via my content: