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  1. (TB) Group Format

    Thank you. That did the trick. The only problem is that when you recache the hooks, you have to do the tbGfSkinSearch edit again.
  2. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Hi, I'm still using version 1.2.7 on my forum. Do I need to do a complete fresh install or can I just upgrade? Also, we are using a "global shoutbox" mod for it which basically makes it appear on all pages. I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore, does this mean this option is now included in this application?
  3. Download: Passion v1.0.5

    Could you please explain how to remove the 'BY' The 'BY' only appears on the index and calendar page views, it disappears however on some of other pages. Thank you :smile: EDIT: Nevermind I found what needed to be edited
  4. Embed Tweet

    I have this installed on my 3.3.1 board. I have done exactly as instructed, but I too am only seeing a link. If possible, please could you assist me? Thanks in advance!
  5. Download: Passion v1.0.5

    I have purchased this, do the recent updates include fixes for this?
  6. Rare

    Nevermind. I went ahead and purchased this hoping for the best. It looks incredible on my board! :smile: Nice work! ;)
  7. Rare

    Hello again. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but is this okay to be used for 3.3.1?
  8. Another quick question ..are we able to change/add backgrounds TeeZ?
  9. I had purchased this back when I was on 3.1.4 Was an awesome skin. I really wish I could get a hold of a working version for 3.3.1 :sad:
  10. Haha many thanks TeeZ. When I first tried that, only the index page became wider. But it's all working now ..so thank you muchly!
  11. Do you mean this: #ipbwrapper { margin: 0 auto; width: 1100px; } And many thanks for your quick reply
  12. Could you please tell me how I make the board just a little wider please?
  13. What a GREAT skin!! Thank you for sharing! 5 stars!
  14. Rare

    Very nice Could you please advise me if there is a version of this suitable for 3.3.1?
  15. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    I purchased this a while ago, and have only added it now ..but am getting this error.. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home/icond/public_html/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_196/skin_featuredcontent.php on line 329 Please could you advise me? ]Many thanks. EDIT. I will try and install the updated file