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  1. My biggest issue is IPS is trying to make IPB a like facebook when facebook is at best a fad. I would think IPS would have more foresight of decision when they made big sweeping changes.
  2. Sorry ben I just now saw that post. It seems to be resolved.
  3. Edit: Never mind the demo is still 3.2.0 so things haven't been updated yet.
  4. This still is driving me nuts. There is no reason to limit avatars or crop them. IPS this was a stupid move...
  5. I hope custom skins come out soon. This skin while ok is blinding me. There is way way to much white. I think I mentioned that before. The background colors could really be knocked down a couple shades. I don't know how someone could use this skin full time.... That and most of the forum graphics are now tiny and pretty much useless.
  6. Agreed I use this feature when ever its available. I see that so IPS is pretty much ignored this.....
  7. Hmmm then it seems this would be a good feature. Its important to have an signature upload option and more control as others have mentioned.
  8. It would be nice to have an answer for this.... Dose anyone know. i can't tell from the media share blog for 3.2
  9. [quote name='Matt' timestamp='1297699523'] The image is uploaded then resized and saved, so the actual file on your server is only around 20k or so (200x400 max). It also builds the square thumb. The square thumb is used around the site (comments, avatar, etc) whereas the full size is used on the actual profile page. Yes, we are "merging" avatars and photos in 3.2 and choosing to use the "Photo" labelling as we feel that more users relate tot his over 'avatar' which is starting to become an anachronism. As for the upgrade process, we haven't fully decided what we're going to do. The current thought is to allow the admin to select which to "keep" during the upgrade process. Wait so that means our avatars will be cropped as well? .. well that's just stupid. Dose the admin have control over this cropping and the size limits? I hope so.
  10. So in regards to signatures can we upload a Signature picture now via the upholder? Or is it still only remote images via a link, such as a photo bucket link?
  11. I have to say yes IPB needs a signature upload feature. I'm surprised it doesn't have one already.
  12. Yes the warning panel / system need an overhaul I would like to add make it easier to get the warn panel. Like offering a link in the report center or else where. Its hard to get there without a lot of work.. Also change the warning bar color. Blue is not bright enough Yellow /orange or Red would be good or a combination of the three. So for example a verbal zero point warning is yellow a low point warning or warning under a certain percent is orange and a high warning or a warning bar over a percent is Red.
  13. See I don't get this. I really like the IPB style. The XF style is way to simple. And the fact that is still not really well suited to those with love vision (IE text dosen't take well to be larger). And that its missing many features most of us would need. XF has not really felt the real load of the world so to speak. Give it a couple of revisions. Right now its on the par with free software with pretty effects. What amazes me is people are paying for software that isn't up to paid alternatives in terms of basic features. It doesn't even have a warning system. I still can't see whats so great about the design its just minimalist if you like that design great.
  14. Pretty much agreed with the OP and this post. Nice post koto. I've mentioned this before several places. The warning system needs improved. And yes VB dose this well. I don't think good options shouldn't be ignored regardless of where they come from. One more thing to mention its very nice to have an option to give a yellow card (warning) that is simply a warning and not infraction. Hopefully now that more people are speaking up then IPB might take this issue seriously. I also have to agree with the other points made as well. I would also like to see the warning bar changed from blue to a brighter color, red / orange / yellow eect. We want people to see warning bars and actually take them seriously. Also the increase and decrease buttons should be larger. Its really annoying trying to click the buttons to add or decrease warnings when the buttons are so small.
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