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  1. ​I did without any issues. I didn't follow the steps in the first post, but it's similar. I ran the compatibility file (ensured that all passed), converted to UTF-8mb4, uploaded the files in their respective directories, changed database (made another specifically for the upgrade after cloning the previous), and ran the install script provided. Anything custom like BBCodes, templates, mods, etc. did not port over (although I expected the BBCodes to port but they didn't). I also had to redo the ACP admin restrictions. What errors were you getting?
  2. ​I noticed that a PHP redirect works, but not a direct URL? Another question. Sometimes new members don't log in immediately. If I were to set the time for a month, will the rule that a member logged in for the first time still apply? Assuming that the new member logged in within that month. Ok, one more question. Is there a way to disable Rules?
  3. While editing the toolbar, whenever I add a separator it does not allow me to move it to where I want, unless I first add another toolbar. Is this a bug? Does this mean even if we were to hide the buttons, the users can still use them if they know the BBCodes? How do we disable BBCodes?
  4. Having a feature that would allow extra options is something I would like. If the future is about customization, then there should be an ability to customize things how I want. With that said, I am getting used to the editor and while I like the direction, I feel there are improvements that can be made.
  5. So I took the plunge and purchased this mod. I'll start playing with it once installed.
  6. ​I think they're on the right direction too. The profile is a nice change and I like as the browser window decreases in width the forum adjusts making it still readable. I'm not sure about the WYSIWYG editor. I miss the previews. As a poster, I feel like I had more control with the 3.4x editor. Maybe it's just a matter of adjusting. One downside is that the mods have to catch up to support IPB 4. It's not an IPB issue though.
  7. ​It's ok. I can do the template edits. It's just a matter of adjusting to IPB 4 vs 3x conditional syntax. I still have many uses for IPS Rules for automating data stuff. One of the things I'm looking at is member incentives through rep integration using IPS Rules. I'm also interested in the Commerce suggestion earlier in the thread.
  8. ​Hehe, clever! Thanks for replying. So lets say I have a set condition that I want in the profile page that will replace the original template for specific members. Is it possible to do? I am considering the full version, but I want to make sure the app fits my needs before taking the plunge.
  9. In 3x, I used to create loads of conditional statements like if this member then this action, or if member viewing is in this group then this action, or if a member is viewing content by this member ID/name then this action, and etc. I see that you have member conditions in IPS Rules. First, can this application perform conditions as mentioned and even more? Secondly, do the rules apply to specified pages and/or all pages?
  10. In IPB4 Profile, the Activity Feed displays as the default. Is there a way to set the About Me as the default display?
  11. GrooveOnBeat


    Maybe this has been answered before, but are we able to sell custom items (other than the 18 pre-made items) in the shop that members can buy using credits?
  12. I couldn't edit my post so I'm posting again. Please ignore my earlier comment as I need to do more testing when there are more than one custom forum icons. I'm facing issues with the "ipb.global_boardMarkers" JS markup script which defaults to the last forum ID's marker that uses a custom forum icon. :( For instance, if I have 5 forum icons and I click off #1, the read forum icon will go to #5 and not #1 as it's supposed to. My conditionals seem to be ignored. I'm not sure if this result is because I'm modifying the script or it's how the mod is functioning at it's current state.
  13. I may have found a temporary solution until DawPi updates the mod. The issue has to do with identifying the offline image once the markup is clicked. I ran a number of tests and it worked for me. If DawPi allows it, I can post the edits. :)
  14. For the above check (in red): Tag: "imgf" [imgf=left]float content left[/imgf] [imgf=right]float content right[/imgf] [imgf]float content relative to text[/imgf] In Replacements box: <img style="float:{option};margin:0px 5px" src="{content}" alt="image" /> Make sure the Use Option in tag is set to "Yes". Prevent other codes parsing? Yes
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