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  1. ODDBALL118

    (NB40) Secondary Group Icons

    I get this error on two different fresh installs:
  2. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Guess this project is dead.
  3. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Any updates on this?
  4. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Are you done supporting this?
  5. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    I've noticed that if I edit a server or game when I save the change it just goes to a blank screen. The change does take place though. Just a FYI.
  6. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Is there another download link? This one seems to be down.
  7. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Any update on the next release?
  8. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Any thought to IP Content blocks for individual servers or a way to remove bots as players?
  9. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    Nah my fault. I messed up the permissions. Thanks for the reply. I do see one other issue. If I'm on detailed view the info popup goes to the bottom left of the screen and is cut off by the window.
  10. ODDBALL118

    [XI] Server Management

    What would cause the server info fail to query? I have lgsl and gameq running on this webserver without any issues and the necessary ports are open.
  11. ODDBALL118

    Simplify by IPS Themes

    I'd love to purchase this skin but IPB does not seem to care that the marketplace is having issues preventing a sale.
  12. ODDBALL118

    Simplify by IPS Themes

    The marketplace will not let me purchase this skin. It tells me I have already paid for it and there is an error.
  13. ODDBALL118

    [GF] Minecraft

    The sign in link on the style does not work.