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  1. Easy mention

    Works great, should be in the code by default.
  2. (DP42) Limit Topic Posts

    This plugin works great. A great way to encourage people to sign up.
  3. QOTW: What is your favorite TV show?

    Finished up Longmire a couple weeks ago, great series.
  4. IPS doesn't have control over what people do with their pricing. While some add ons might require more work to go to 4.2 so many not. It's basically up to the sole discretion of the add on author. It's like this, you don't have to buy it. Everyone uses different add ons. IPS cannot judge the quality or amount of time an add on may take. To regulate the market might be fair to one author, while unfair to another. If you are un happy with an author charging again, just don't support them.
  5. Webm/GifV

    I see that this thread say .gifv is supported but when I paste one it doesn't embed, is there a special setting that I need to enable?
  6. I might move back to IPS

    Do it, I switched from Xenforo awhile back myself. Haven't looked back. Xenforo 2 had me intrigued at first when it came out, but it seems to have lost it's punched and a lot of the new stuff that was going to come out in Xenforo 2 has already made it's way into IPB 4.2. I think people are tired of waiting for it to get released also. I think you might be seeing a lot of long term customers jumping ship here soon and coming over to IPB 4.2
  7. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    I just wanted say I am liking your add-ons that you have been creating lately, seems like they are top quality and the support is there as well, keep up the good work. This one is on my list as well.
  8. Profile Photo in Online Lists

    Oh so you are running another add-on that interferes with it then? If so you may have to wait for a fix from him then.
  9. Profile Photo in Online Lists

    Strange I have been using this with the 4.2 betas just fine.
  10. Wait, you guys aren't on Gold yet? You would be surprised what you get when buy beer for all the staff members.
  11. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I updated mine to 4.2 about a week ago, still playing with customizations. Fluxoid
  12. New IPS Staff Member?

    I noticed it looks like IPS has a new staff member? Thought I would say welcome @Jennifer M. https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/576761-jennifer-m/
  13. IPS Support

    I think they should have something to at least acknowledge that they received your last message and are still working on it. A last read statement like they have in private messages would at least let the user and the support side know that someone has a least view it with a timestamp. I have been replying to a ticket all day with not a peep out of anyone at least acknowledging that they have read or received the messages. I feel bad to because my host was waiting to hear back from this this morning to help work on a problem. It says I am in a Tier III support state, but the communication was better in a Tier I. I know we all get busy, but a little communication goes a long way.
  14. Signing in to this site

    I can confirm, been happening the last few days to me as well.
  15. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    8 posts above you.