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  1. Please answer questions about MUDD for 3.2

  2. Any plans to update the MUDD mod from you for 3.2?

  3. Heya Sam, long time no see!
    Gotta get back to version 5.0 of our site so we can get off of the vB/Joomla/WP/PMD frankensite! Let Susan and myself know if you know any good IB.Content coders ;-)

  4. Why won't Apple get Blu Ray?

    I too believe that eventually physical media will disappear, but it won't happen until broadband speeds can support distribution of HD content. Music was low hanging fruit as a song is only a few meg. Compare that to 40g for a single HD movie. It will be many, many years before there is a enough critical mass of users with the broadband to support streaming new movies in full HD to make it feasible to replace BR discs. By then, BR will be what DVD's are now (cheap and plentiful). I suspect BR could very well be the last physical media. It is kind of sad as I am a movie collector, but I am also lazy so if I can stream true HD content to my TV without having to go out and buy it, I most likely will. I am already looking to set up a jukebox for my movies, however the BR discs suck up too much space to make it really easy as this stage :)
  5. Why won't Apple get Blu Ray?

    The difference between BluRay and DVD on a good TV is the difference between a video and a DVD. Give me the choice and I'll watch a BR any day of the week over a DVD - heck even over the cinema. It was fairly recent that BluRay became the definitive player over Toshiba's HD DVD so it didn't make much sense for anyone to sign up to either side till a dominant format was established. PS3 obviously had it because it was Sony but wouldn't they have looked a twit if everyone would have adopted Toshiba? Who knows how long the format will last, but I can't see it NOT becoming the dominant format over the next few years. It holds FAR more data and resellers love the opportunity it provides for selling new players AND new TV's. As to price, BluRay movies are the exact same price I was paying for DVD's when they had only 5% of the market. It will change as more users buy more players.
  6. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    Wow. Lots of nitpicking and reading into intentions on an alpha preview of a product not even available. No package will make 100% of people 100% happy. Personally I hate how sites are all subsections of forums so I quite like the approach. "Home" is not a page of forums for most sites now. Anyhoo - it isn't done but give credit where its due - it looks and feels fresh and has a lot of potential to mature into a really great competitive product. That is great news regardless of the forum software you use.
  7. Kier's new forum script: Xenforo

    I don't think its very basic at all considering how young it is. In fact, I think they did an awesome job so far. Good UI doesn't need 500 links buttons, graphics, etc... IMO It is always harder to make UI simple and clean (and easy). I would think it will still take a couple years to mature, but that may even be over stated with how much they appear to have accomplished so far.
  8. R4 Cards Banned In UK

    Thats silly. Its like banning rolling papers because they are primarily used to roll spliffs. (or so I heard).
  9. Mouse Hover Topic Preview

    I am sure a timed mouse over would be a nice improvement. And I am sure a setting or simple template edit would be able to satisfy everyone else. Personally I would prefer it to appear after a hover over the title (on a 2 sec delay maybe). Same with member cards. Just haven't gotten round to figure out how to do it yet.
  10. Undecided: IPB or vB

    There are pros and cons to either system based on what you want to achieve. - There are more mods in vB but more features in IPS (and more official products which means less mods needed) - I think it is a lot harder to find coders and custom designers for IPS but then again, few designers will touch vB4 with a barge pole. - vB seems to have faster response on their forums and more activity (which is a lot of negativity the past year), but here the devs seem to actually listen, discuss and often implement ideas and suggestions direct from the customer base. You only need to compare the IPS company blogs to the vB company blogs to see who is more communicative. This gives the feeling that the growth of IPS products are at least partly evolved from customer requirements as opposed to design process at vB which feels esoteric, defensive and "handed down from on high". Having worked on the vB modding community for years I believe that IPS has a far superior code base and more importantly a team that really want to make IPS the best that it can be (vB no longer has many of those types of developers). That desire alone gives IPS the upper hand in long term sustainability and a long term death sentence to vB. But that isn't now and it isn't today. So you're best bet is to really sit down and identify the things that you are looking for in your site and research both camps to see which ticks the majority of the boxes. Thats what I did and guess which package I chose for me and my community? :)
  11. Test it with 2 accounts on the same computer. Assign both the accounts ID's in the Debug setting. Log in to your site with one account Log out Log in with the other account Does it trip? Check the mudd and mudd deails tables in your DB. Are they empty? If not, maybe you are not set up to view the report plugin. HTHs
  12. When I view New Content I get TITLE TO NEW CONTENT Clicking on the Icon AND the title SEEM to do the same thing. It would be great if we could have the icon take us to the first unread while clicking on the title would take us to the first page. It doesn't make sense if both the icon and the title takes you to the same place. In watched content this behaviour should be duplicated (even more so under watched content) . Right now you only get a linked title and that never takes you to your first unread post. Also, I find clicking through search results to be frustrating. For instance - I search for Ajax and click a topic title which takes me to a post somewhere in the thread where Ajax is indeed mentioned, but what about the previous mentions of Ajax in the thread? I am assuming that it takes you to the latest mention of your search keyword(s) - but it seems sort of unintuitive to me - meh. Maybe it is just me but if I want that kind of result - I would just choose to display results in a post format as I usually find myself having to scroll back (and sometimes go to earlier pages) just to catch the context of the discussion.
  13. Yea, proxy doesn't matter. Either they are also getting around the cookies and/or they aren't valid trips (as in they aren't coming from the same box).
  14. iPad app lol?

    I think you should do a specific iPad app.... ... in flash :P
  15. Sounds like you're missing a template? You're not running in_dev mode are you? can you check you have the skin_mudd/flashCookie skin?