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  1. It is easy to understand. IPS need money and they must blow upp someone ... for now are owners of lifetime licenses - how?? Before was invision power board (product) - today is new product - "core" package and when you buy new product - you will get only invision board ... what i can said ...same "faeces" but in new package. Choose is easy ... pay more or move.... regards bosss
  2. Can't download IPboard

    Can not download anything from my client area... just button "buy it" but my suite licenses should still work?? Purchased 25 Jun 2011 Expires 02 Jul 2013 Renewal Cost $80.00 Every 6 months regards bosss
  3. My return to IPB

    I moved back on vb 4 ... was disappointed with IPB - editor problems and losing many of my posts ... two years problems with editor and code tags and still problems ... in vb4 works everything fine ..for my needs ... (this is my opinion)!
  4. Editor Feedback

    Every update of IPB = editor was problem (3.1.4 to 3.2.0, 3.2.0 to 3.2.x, 3.2.x to 3.3.x and last 3.3.x to 3.4.x - nearly 2 years). For me that says that development team can not execute their work - change team and let them to experiment next few years ... or send them to extra education, but try to sell finished and working product. Editor is most immportant part of every community /where people still write posts and make threads). regards bosss
  5. For me works not on IPS Marketplace ...when try to replay and use "more replay options" page just loading loading ...and can not attach file ...get message "operation failed" ...use IE9 regards bosss
  6. Why I CANNOT reach this board?!

    It is also slow for me and forums tab works not ...
  7. Why 3.2 isn't working for me

    With 3.2 we get one half product and all who speaks that we should test before upgrade, speaks just for defend half and not ready product yet. Who can test this product on test board with one or two users and few posts? This realese of 3.2.2 should be Beta 8 maybe but not product for sale. So many errors , so many bugs and problems (and removed good and working features) is not good reklam for one product... and that team who decide that this should be product for us customers make wrong decision. regards bosss
  8. Features removed from 3.1.4

    Agree with those 2 posts above. Database in 3.2 get many more unexcepted injections an that was in 3.1.4 - because of that 3.1.4 is much faster and stabille than 3.2 - you have removed many features but still 3.2 is very slow ... and many users get blank pages and errors ...and problems ...your site here is slow and many times just white pages and loading ...loading ... Think that you make many steps back with this 3.2 ver. Hope that will be fixed ... maybe not in ver 3.2.1 ...maybe in 3.2.x ! regards bosss
  9. Yes, very slow and very strange messages .... attach picture.
  10. Just want to see what minority of customers or users think about statistics (block) or track on 3.2 board!
  11. Yes , back because all of internet users use not win 98 or 95 and screen resolution 800x600... regards bosss edit: please R1lover make one poll for this fantastic stats block in 3.2 ...
  12. Matt you have wrong ...show me please one post or topic where your minority wrote that they will have removed abillity to resize avatars ... Show me one post or one topics where your minority wrote that your stats block in 3.2 version is nice, pretty and looks perfect? please Matt ... regards bosss
  13. 3.2 Avatars...

    IPS listen to their customers and users ... that Charls said ... that is their policy...