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  1. Character Mod

    We'll wait for you and your 3.3.x version :wub:
  2. Ya la he comprado, si necesitas el recibo, me lo dices, por favor. ¿Me mandas la versión 3.3.4 por MP o te doy mi correo electrónico?. Gracias :)
  3. Bueno, yo tampoco estoy al tanto de las diferencias, pero es de esperar que no sean muchas. ¿Tienes traducido lo mismo?. Yo tengo instalados IP.Board, Gallery, Chat y Calendar. De Addons no quiero nada, tengo traducidos los que necesitaba, y la parte de Admin me dá igual. Gracias por responder tan pronto :)
  4. Hola, Ank. La versión de mi foro es la 3.3.2. ¿Es compatible la traducción?. Gracias.
  5. Today I paid $ 200 to IPB

    See, please. Yesterday, Saturday, I wanted to purchase some licenses. It's a sale, mind. Firms, usually, want to sale. We could have done the transaction and have our board already migrated if only sales had answered in a properly time. Do we need to wait for X hours to be attended? Ok. But then, attend us completely without making wait again for a lot of hours, which happened every time we repleid this or that because we wanted to check and be sure of our future purchases, mind, $200 are no joke. As I stated they didn't reply to my question and still, we purchased them this morning (Europe time). And once purchased, I supposse we should have some attention, say some priority if things doesn't go well or have questions. At the moment, I'm waiting for +6 hours to someone reply to these questions, and until they don't, we can't do anything, so our planned weekend to move the board and set it has gone to h*** because here is nigh 01.00 AM. The questions were: "IP.Board screen has only a button to download 3.3.4, and we wish 3.3.2., which is our board's version and we don't wish to upgrade. How to download that version? IP.Suite. Huh? I see I can download the calendar, but, what of the suite? Do I need to fill that formular? With the current data of those of the new host? Because it can't be downloaded, only installed or transferred." (And we don't know what are those buttons for, since it is not explained). I'd like to point out that before this, I had already stated I wanted to download 3.3.2, yet, in the answer, no link was provided. Yes, they said that 3.3.4is better, ok, but, would it be so hard to add a "Still, if you wish download 3.3.2. it's available here" or "you need to do this and that"? It seems yes, it is. As for the IP. Community Suite, there is no explanation of what to do (if someone purchased it, they know it's true), just the number of license and a form to be filled. Since not all the people are IPB gurus, it would be so nice to get a file, or a link, or an email, saying: "Congratulations! You have purchased X" Now, if you go to the Purchases -> X you'll see bla bla bla." If only yesterday they had replied quicker (not to mention today), the transactions and the rest would have been done the same day and we all would have been saved of issues and displeasure and dissatisfaction (on our side, of course). And we can't still use our purchases just because they don't reply to our ticket. Nice, very nice. Do you expect me to be happy? To have paid $200 for this? No, I'm not.
  6. Today I paid $ 200 to IPB

    I'm afraid I lost all my patience, Andy. And no, it's not a high technical issue. But, what can I expect when I wanted to purchase some licenses, I sent a ticket to sales, and they took them 4 hours to answer? And when they answered and I replied, I needed to wait the same amount of time? And again, once more? And this simple question: "And then will we be able to host our forum elseplace without problem, exactly as we have it here?" was left unanswered? And still, this morning, I purchased the licenses I wanted/needed, see how much silly I am. Then I noticed that in my purchases instead IP.Board, it displays IP.Blog and sent a ticket about (6 hours ago) to fix it. Of course, no reply, still. And when in a support ticket I asked: My ticket was transferred to Account and Billing because the IP.Blog thing. No answer. Two and half hours. You can't imagine how much frustrated I am, considering I had expected to have this solved and my board moved las night, and here it's already 6 P.M. Patience? Yeah, i can't do another knowing that when they answer, and I reply, I'll get the answer when I am already at bed or so :(
  7. And I would love to have my tickets attended & properly answered my questions, instead to be ignored, having them transferred from departament to departament, and waiting for hours and hours to be replied. I do hope someone of the staff will read this and solve it. Thanks.
  8. Download: Shoutbox

    Hi, Michael! Just to let you know that I attempted a lot of times to run the 1.1.5 without success (and I tried everything I could think of, reinstalling the files and all). Finally, I uninstalled the whole pack, downloaded and installed the 1.1.4... and it works perfectly! Yay! :D I don't know what happened and why, but well... we're VERY happy with this Shoutbox. Thank you for your work! :wub:
  9. Download: Shoutbox

    From the Chat or from the Shoutboux? Anyway, I did setup the groups permissions (several times) and didn't work, nor the mods options work. Buttons are like dead and we tried using several browsers (IE, FF, Opera).
  10. Download: Shoutbox

    First of all, Michael, to thank you for your answer, so quickly! :) Secondly: I did as you said and installed it, yay! But... it doesn't work :( It keeps us saying: We did set it all, everything, everywhere, recached all several times, and it doesn't work. It greets us as Guests, as if it didn't recognize us or as if we weren't logged in :( So... Any suggestion?
  11. Download: Shoutbox

    Hi! I'm having troubles installing it :sad: When I go to Manage Applications & Modules I get this: And when I click on Install, I'm sent to the ACP's welcome page and get this message: I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Our board's version es the 3.0.5. Any clue?